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Bangladeshi garment makers advance efforts to go green

The government’s clean power department has signed a co-operation agreement with a major clothing industry trade body in a bid to drive net-metered solar rooftop installation.

Overview of large-scale and commercial storage systems: Diverse business models, falling prices spur market growth

pv magazine’s updated market overview now lists details for 54 suppliers offering 198 systems, components, or services in the field of large-scale and commercial power storage. Many of the market players highlighted a range of particularly sought-after business models in the information they provided. The most frequently cited in the survey was a business model that increases the share of self-consumption in combination with solar PV plants and peak-load capping.

French self-consumption specialist launches virtual battery for PV system owners

The virtual battery records the surplus solar power injected into the grid on sunny days and returns it at night or in winter. If the production of the PV plant is not sufficient to cover all the electricity needs, MyLight Systems provides the household with green energy supplied by Swiss energy company Axpo.


Five commercial offtakers for $33m Jordanian solar portfolio

Telecomms, retail and garment manufacturing businesses have signed up to consume the electricity to be generated by eight solar projects in Jordan which will harness grid infrastructure to transfer an estimated 81 GWh of clean power annually.

Growing German storage market buoyed by falling prices

RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich evaluated the data. It shows a growing demand for photovoltaic storage systems in 2019 and continued positive market sentiment lasting well into 2020.

Adaptive solar shade system means horticulturalists can smell the roses

Researchers have modeled the effects of various PV module arrangements on a greenhouse used for rose growing in Iran’s Shiraz region. The team determined a ‘sweet spot’ where modules produced the most energy and provided optimal growth conditions for the crop.


Swiss developer wants to deploy 107 MW in Italian industrial zone

Comoil SA is seeking approval for two solar plants with capacities of 62.2 MW and 44.8 MW. It wants to install them in an industrial zone in Macchiareddu, Sardinia.


World’s largest solar project for on-site consumption

Utility Iberdrola will provide solar power to the Spanish site of Saudi petrochemical company Sabic, which has signed a 25-year power purchase agreement. The electricity will be generated by a €70 million, 100 MW solar park.

Belgian school selling solar power to neighbors

Belgium is testing its first energy community by giving special status to a solar energy pilot near Brussels. The project will help to create a large-scale legal framework to apply the European Directives to energy communities.


France expands limits of ‘energy communities’

The French energy regulator has expanded the maximum permitted distance between members of an energy community from 2 km to 20 km.


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