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solar inverters

SMA passes billion-euro mark in 2020 sales, expects further growth

Despite the Corona pandemic, SMA Solar was able to significantly improve its financial results over the past year and has met its 2020 forecasts. Overall, the German PV company has installed more than 100 GW of solar inverter power globally.


Fraunhofer IMWS aims to make it possible to predict reliability and service life of inverters and batteries

The German research institute wants to develop an efficient and reliable methodology, which could contribute to considerable cost reductions in photovoltaic generation – both for manufacturers and operators.

SMA sold 4.4 GW of inverters in the first quarter

The German manufacturer secured around 60% of the turnover expected this year in the first three months alone but still posted a net loss for a company relying on strong pre-Covid-19 activity in the U.S. and European markets.


Covid-19 weekly briefing: US residents ponder solar during lockdown, Aussie installers wonder what might have been and the Indian EV industry calls for help

Plus, Italian developers continue to dig deep for their health service, the pandemic piles on problems for a debt-saddled Chinese company and analysts consider whether there will be any money left for a green economic recovery after the dust settles.

Huawei to ramp up artificial intelligence to improve solar inverters

The Chinese conglomerate has revealed how it will further integrate artificial intelligence (AI) in its string devices this year. The approach includes the transformation of inverters into smart PV controllers, the development of AI inference modules and the creation of an AI training and inference platform. Machine learning will also be incorporated into operations and maintenance, grid management and PV plant design.


New 5G string-inverter for commercial applications from Ginlong

The Chinese manufacturer has integrated the Solis 110 kW string inverter into its 5G tech platform. The company claims the upgraded device can offer stronger system returns and a lower levelized cost of energy. The price of the Solis-110K-5G inverter is €0.035/W.


Kstar launches new inverter series for rooftop arrays

The transformer-free products have a power range of 3-6 kW and efficiency of 97.8%. The Chinese manufacturer says the devices are designed to accurately match the voltage and phase of the grid sine wave AC waveform.


Preconfiguring and controlling inverter set-points

Researchers from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory have developed a tool to balance customer curtailment and grid stability. The “Precise” tool for utilities provides unique inverter settings tailored to each customer, with minimal investment and labor for companies that use it.

Solar inverters vs. cyberattacks

A U.S. research group is now developing new inverters to protect solar installations from cyberattacks. The researchers also aim to create new cybersecurity standards. Professor Alan Mantooth, the group’s research coordinator, said that inverters can be shut down if they are hacked, or contribute to grid instability and result in the overcharging of batteries, while potentially creating problems that we still don’t know how to address.


ABB board donate 10% of salary to Covid-19 struggle

The company has warned shareholders about the potential affect of the virus on its operations in the first half of the year but said Chinese operations had almost returned to normal.

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