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solar panel

Trina brings 405 W module of Vertex series to the European market

The new module, called Vertex S, is designed for residential and commercial rooftop installations. The efficiency of the module is 21%, one percentage point more than the previous model.


RenewSys unveils 505 W solar modules

The Indian solar manufacturer has announced the release of its DESERV Galactic Ultra line, which includes the world’s first mono-facial modules to cross peak output of 500 W, using G1-sized (158.75 mm) cells.


Canadian Solar launches 640-665 W panel series

The HiKu7 CS 7N-MS series is available with power output ranging from 640-665 W and efficiency ranging from 20.6-21.4%. The panel, which is the most powerful product the company brought to the market to date, is considered ideal for utility-scale and commercial and industrial PV projects.


Enphase and Sonnenstromfabrik unveil AC solar panel

The US microinverter producer and the German panel maker have launched a residential glass/glass PERC module equipped Enphase IQ 7+ device. The 60-cell PERC module is available in three versions with power output ranging from 320 to 330 W and efficiencies of 18.8% to 19.4%.

Flexible solar panel for BIPV from Sunport

The module is available in five versions with power output ranging from 310 W to 330 W and efficiencies between 20.22 and 21.53%. The Chinese manufacturer claims the BIPV panel has an oustanding flexibility with minimum curve radius of 25 cm.


Shielding PV against Earth’s magnetic field

Researchers in Kenya are seeking to reduce the influence of the Geomagnetic field on PV panel performance by replacing aluminum module frames with a steel cage. They have specified they have been unable to quantify costs related to the solution, and that more research is needed.

New CdTe panel manufacturer

U.S.-based Toledo Solar is trying to distinguish itself from First Solar’s cadmium telluride dominance by operating in the residential and commercial segments, which have long been unkind to the technology.


New all-black module with output of 400 W

Solaria says that it will start selling its new all-black panel for residential PV applications in the U.S. market within the current quarter. The monocrystalline module is equipped with a microinverter from Enphase and has an efficiency rating of 20.2%.


Canadian Solar claims 23.81% efficiency for n-type poly module

The Chinese-Canadian manufacturer said the new results improve upon its previous record by around 1%. The achievement has been certified by Germany’s Institut für Solarenergieforschung GmbH (ISFH).


Italian PV panels sent for recycling were instead smuggled to Syria and Africa

Illegally re-badged panels were sold on to Senegal, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Turkey and even Syria. Italian authorities found 60 tons of panels which will be examined.


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