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solar plants

Trina launches tracking system for high-power modules

The tracker has a length of 72 meters, which the company says allows for 120 modules per tracker. The new product was conceived as a multi-drive, dual-slewing system that is claimed to have improved overall stability compared to other products and to show a reduced aeroelastic effect.


France allocates 451.9 MW in ninth tender for large scale PV

In the category for PV projects exceeding 5 MW, the final average price was €0.05338/kWh. The tender’s overall final average price, including smaller PV project categories, was 4.7% higher than in the previous procurement exercise.

Improving algorithms to help solar project developers avoid the NIMBY effect

A research group in the United States is proposing to add social variables in GIS-MCDA algorithms for PV project planning as a solution to avoid opposition to large scale solar from local communities. Although some efforts have already been made in this direction, there is still much to be done to understand the degree to which measuring these variables proactively could help mitigate public opposition down the line, on individual projects.


Another week, another wave of solar PPAs

Unsubsidized solar keeps moving forward in Germany, the US, Egypt, Italy, the Philippines, France and South Africa.


Kaco unveils string inverters with silicon carbide transistors

The blueplanet 155 TL3 and 165 TL3 inverters, designed for the large-scale segment, are claimed to offer 15% more power than their predecessor models without silicon carbide transistors.

Chint energizes 152 MW of solar in the Netherlands

The three solar parks are located across the Dutch provinces of Groningen and Drenthe.


Large-scale PV plant planning for weak power grids

Researchers in New Zealand have developed a new methodology for solar park planning that considers clear-sky radiation for voltage stability analysis. It is based on two different generation profiles for separate purposes.

Solar parks in Netherlands to be connected at 70% of their peak capacity

The Netherlands’ renewable energy sector has reached an agreement with the country’s grid operators and power providers for a faster grid connection of solar parks. PV plant operators will be able to connect their projects at 70% of their capacity and, in turn, they will be allowed to connect them without having to wait for more grid availability.


New algorithm to connect solar parks to substations

Spanish PV software specialist RatedPower has developed a new algorithm that purportedly offers a way to efficiently design grid interconnections.


New central inverter from Kehua

The 4.167 MW inverter has a reported efficiency of 99.02% and a European efficiency of 98.7%. The Chinese manufacturer claims the inverter’s DC parallel connection ensures the continuous operation of devices and increases the overall utilization rate by 1%.

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