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Solar Window

New solar window tech with 2.1% efficiency

Researchers in South Korea have fabricated a fully transparent solar cell which they claim has a transmittance for visible light of more than 57%. The integrated device generates enough power to move a small-sized motor.


Solar windows made of chromophores

An Italian startup has developed a luminescent solar concentrator technology that can be integrated with active architectural elements and windows. The technology is based on nanoparticles known as chromophores, which decouple the absorption and light-emission processes, thanks to appropriate engineering. The company claims it has achieved a conversion efficiency of up to 3.2%, with a degree of transparency in the visible spectrum of around 80%.


A 15% efficient solar window that delivers 40% of US electricity

A University of Michigan team hopes to offer a 15% efficient solar window product, which allows 50% of the light through. It has received US$1.3 million from the Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office to develop the idea further.

Italy: Glass to Power crowdfunds €2.25 million, plans solar window fab

Italy-based Glass to Power has raised €2.25 million via crowdfunding to advance its plans for the roll out of an industrial production line for its transparent solar PV windows. The product is expected to be marketed in 2019.


Quick Q&A: a new approach for solar-powered windows

Ferdinand Grapperhaus, CEO of PowerWindow developer Physee, discusses the company’s innovative approach to bringing more solar power into the home and C&I buildings.


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