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storage systems

New stack design for cheaper redox flow batteries

German scientists have proposed a new design for stacks used in redox flow batteries. Through a powder-to-roll process, a device that weighs 80% less than a conventional stack was fabricated.

LG Energy recalling battery systems in Australia due to fire risks

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has confirmed a recall notice for some of LG Energy Solution’s battery energy storage systems due to potential fire-related risks.

Russian design for vanadium redox flow batteries

Researchers claim to have developed a cheaper, faster method of assembling the field flow plate layers of the membrane electrode assembly used in vanadium redox flow batteries, which they claim outperforms traditional components.


Redox flow batteries for $66/kWh from steel industry waste

U.S. researchers claim to have added iron sulfate to anthraquinone disulfonic acid in a redox flow battery for the first time. The scientists said the combination could lead to inexpensive and more stable redox flow storage for just $54/kWh and said $66/kWh is already possible.


Big solar+storage project linked to hydrogen production in Spain

Spanish utility Iberdrola plans to link a 100 MW/20 MWh solar-plus-storage plant to hydrogen production in Puertollano, in southern Spain. The project will require an investment of up to €150 million euros and will be one of the largest installations of its kind in Europe.


Turkey introduces new provisions for energy storage

Rules published in the official journal provide certainty on how storage systems will have to be connected to the grid and who will take care of the process on behalf of governmental institutions. The regulations are expected to benefit rooftop PV and up-to-1 MW ‘unlicensed’ projects

Batteries under solar modules just like microinverters and optimizers

Texan start-up Yotta Energy has a potential solution for residential solar-plus-storage. Will the micro-storage company become the next SolarEdge or Enphase or suffer the fate of JLM Energy? And whatever happened to SolPad?


European battery providers mindful of possible coronavirus shortages as LG Chem halts production in China

Storage system providers in Europe have told pv magazine output has thus far been unaffected by the virus outbreak in China. Manufacturers are aware, however, the situation may change rapidly if self-isolation measures taken by the authorities continue.


BYD, Kostal announce energy storage partnership

Following on from a partnership in 2017, Kostal and BYD are looking to further strengthen their ties under a new deal, which will see them provide storage solutions to the residential and commercial solar segments.


Redox flow batteries on the rise

Video interview: prices for redox flow batteries are sinking, while installed capacity increases steadily. Lorenzo Grande, technology analyst at IDTechEx, explains here the opportunities and limitations of flow technologies, and how the related market will likely develop.


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