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Uppsala University

Scania develops solar cell-clad trailer

The 18-meter long solar cell-clad trailer is said to enable fuel savings of 5-10% in Sweden. Swedish thin-film manufacturer Midsummer is a partner on the project.


A long way to go for iron pyrite solar cells

A paper from Sweden has attempted to uncover why the conversion efficiency of solar cells based on cheap, abundant iron pyrites continues to languish below 3% despite the apparent optoelectronic promise of the material.

All-organic, sustainable proton battery from Sweden

A group of scientists at Sweden’s Uppsala University have developed a proton battery based on abundant organic materials. They say the battery can be charged “in a matter of seconds” while operating at low temperatures, and can be cycled more than 500 times without significant capacity loss.


When are solar panels acceptable on historic buildings?

A study from Sweden seeks to consider how PV could be sympathetically installed on historic buildings. The researchers propose a target-based approach for assessing panel visibility.


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