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Competitive and sustainable: The future of back contact technology

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In this pv magazine Webinar we’ll examine the latest developments in back-contact manufacturing, and the materials that go into these modules. Viewers will see why the numbers are beginning to stack up for back-contact, in comparison to multi-busbar and other conventional module technologies. We’ll also hear why the materials and processes used in back-contact manufacturing, when chosen and monitored properly of course, can lead to big improvements on the sustainability side.


Competitive and sustainable: The future of back contact technology

Back-contact technologies have established themselves in the market for rooftop solar, offering high efficiencies and a uniform surface for an aesthetically pleasing look. Though it may not have reached the scale in manufacturing some other module technologies have, continuous developments with the materials and processing of back-contact mean they are increasingly becoming an interesting prospect for many in the PV manufacturing space.

This pv magazine Webinar will take a closer look at these developments; and examine where back-contact technology sits in the module manufacturing landscape. We’ll hear first from Florian Haacke, a partner at cleantech advisory firm Apricum, on the market potential for these technologies, and how they compare with more mainstream processes such as multi busbar cell interconnection in those markets.

Following on from Florian, we delve a little deeper into the materials situation, with Hugo Schoot, Business Director at Endurans™ Solar (formerly DSM Advanced Solar). Endurans has long supplied the conductive backsheets used in back-contact modules, and is now moving to expand this to include rear perforate insulator and other films as well. And Endurans has further evidence that as well as being able to compete on costs, these materials can make a great contribution to sustainability and the design of 100% recyclable modules.

Finally, we hand over to Bram Verschoor, CCO of equipment supplier Eurotron. Bram will take us through some of the latest trends on the technology/processing side of back contact modules, and will again compare these processes to those used in mainstream module manufacturing.

pv magazine Webinar content

  • Current commercial offerings and near-future trends in back-contact module manufacturing
  • Comparison of back-contact with current mainstream manufacturing
  • Insight into module manufacturing cost structures
  • Material choices and sustainability for back-contact modules
  • Q&A

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window. Mark Hutchins from pv magazine will be the moderator of this webinar.

Registration for this pv magazine Webinar is free of charge.


Florian Haacke | Partner, Apricum

Florian Haacke is partner at Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory- since 2008. He is heading the materials practice group - comprising solar, energy storage and green hydrogen materials, chemicals and processes. Florian has profound expertise in strategy development with a focus on the materials enabling renewable technologies. He speaks at major materials conferences worldwide and contributes to studies and publications regarding his focus areas.

Hugo Schoot | Business Director, Endurans™ Solar

Hugo Schoot is a seasoned project and business director in the photovoltaic (PV) industry. In his last function at DSM Advanced Solar, as Director Strategic Partnerships, Hugo was responsible for setting up collaborations with key players in the back-contacted PV module ecosystem, and for the commercialization of DSM’s conductive backsheet. In June 2021, DSM Advanced Solar’s backsheet businesses were sold to Worthen Industries and launched under a new brand: Endurans™ Solar. In his current role as Business Director at Endurans™ Solar, Hugo is globally responsible for conductive backsheet Endurans™ CB for high-power back-contact modules.

Bram Verschoor | CCO, Eurotron

With a 30 years career in equipment for handling, placing and vision supported motioning, Bram is a veteran in logistics and production industry. Especially the intersection where processes and equipment meet is a field where he has shown a lot of experience and capabilities. Bram has a profound understanding how it works to turn technical ideas into commercial successful solutions. Many customers still today operate their business based on his ideas which were born and worked out through the years. From 2006, he was involved in the development of equipment for back-contact module technology and stood at the cradle of Eurotron (member of Eurogroep). The Eurotron team successfully developed reliable mass production equipment for back-contacted modules. Equipment which did prove itself on large (GWp) scale and is second to none.


Mark Hutchins | Magazine Director, pv magazine

Mark Hutchins joined pv magazine as production editor for our monthly global title in September 2016. He also reports on upstream technology and markets, and new and emerging solar regions for both print and online. Mark has experience in copywriting, music journalism and the fast-paced world of startups.

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