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How to best deliver PV for corporate clients and profit for the burgeoning C&I market segment

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System paybacks for commercial and industrial (C&I) rooftop systems throughout Europe can be as low as five to six years. But to do this, the solar array needs to be sized correctly to meet the specific customer need. Additionally, the underlying business case and technical solutions needs to be aligned.



Simon Hammer

Simon Hammer holds a diploma in Environmental Engineering/Renewable Energies and Industrial Engineering. He has been a Senior Product Manager at Sungrow since 2016, responsible for the EMEA region. Previously, he was a project engineer and technical purchaser at S.A.G. Solarstrom AG in Freiburg, Germany, where he oversaw project and plant design, project management, site management and the procurement of EPC services, inverters and assembly frames. Simon Hammer has almost 13 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry.

Saif Islam

Saif Islam is a Senior Consultant at EuPD Research. He joined the company in 2011 and has since been a part of a majority of all studies published in regards to energy and photovoltaics. In addition, Saif Islam participates actively in the studies to get a feel for what drives the installers, the most important intermediaries in the market.

Enno Berner

Enno Berner is a Frankfurt entrepreneur who has been working in renewable energies for over fifteen years. As a trained banker and business graduate, he applies his knowledge from both perspectives in the construction of turnkey photovoltaic systems and as managing partner of solarSTEP Energie. He also benefits from his experience as manager of Gernot Berner GmbH, a large roofer company in the Rhine-Main area.


Michael Fuhs | Chefredakteur, pv magazine

Michael schreibt seit 2008 über Solarthemen, ist seit 2010 Redaktionsleiter von pv magazine und hat als Chefredakteur die deutsche Plattform mit aufgebaut. Zuvor war er für Hörfunk, Fernsehen und überregionale Zeitungen tätig und hat in Physik promoviert.

How to best deliver PV for corporate clients and profit for the burgeoning C&I market segment

In this upcoming pv magazine webinar, Saif Islam, analyst with EUPD Research, will provide an overview of the market potential of C&I solar in several European countries and outline the most lucrative business models. Why major international companies are increasingly choosing to generate electricity on their own rooftop will also be addressed.

Selgros Cash & Carry is such a customer. The company is a wholesale food distributor in Germany, Poland, Romania and Russia. It just completed the installation of a 644 kWp rooftop solar arrays at its site in Ingolstadt, Germany. The array will cover 25 percent of the electricity demand at ist facility.

The webinar will feature a presentation from Enno Berner, CEO of EPC solarSTEP Energy, which installed the project. Berner will set out the challenges in delivering the project and how the company collaborated with PV component suppliers.

Last but not least, Simon Hammer and Robert von Wahl of Sungrow EMEA will present the new string inverter series that Sungrow has specially designed for large rooftop systems. They will set out what possibilities are currently on offer and answer questions about the new features of the products.


  • C&I market in Europe
  • Business models and financing for large roof systems in different countries
  • Case Study on a large installation for a supermarket in Germany
  • Experience from working with major international clients
  • New Sungrow inverters, products for C&I roof systems

You can enter questions and comments into the comments window at the registration or in the chat during the webinar.


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