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Navigating changing dynamics in U.S. module supply

The U.S. solar market has been experiencing an oversupply of PV modules, accompanied by rapidly falling prices. However, the threat of a new solar AD/CVD case could turn oversupply into scarcity overnight. In this pv magazine Webinar, we examine the risks and opportunities the industry’s rapidly changing supply environment presents to buyers and other project stakeholders and look at the most effective ways to manage them.


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PV manufacturing capacity is rapidly expanding in southeast Asia, India and the US to capture the price premiums available in the US market. This is resulting in significant oversupply and rapidly falling prices. However, industry insiders are warning that a new anti-dumping countervailing duty case against imported solar cells and modules may be only days away in the US.

This situation can leave buyers paralyzed between catching the falling knife of rapidly falling prices and preparing for circumstances of severely constrained supply. This presents a myriad of challenges, including the emergence of new suppliers who may have limited track records in the US market. We are also in the midst of a technology transition from PERC to TOPCon and HJT, and there are questions around how to negotiate a flexible supply agreement. Furthermore, there are quality risks associated with new suppliers, as well as with leaving modules in a warehouse for a long period between manufacturing and installation.

In this pv magazine Webinar, produced in partnership with Clean Energy Associates (CEA), we take a closer look at the factors that have led to this extremely dynamic supply situation. We’ll examine the various risks that this situation presents to module buyers and offer advice on the most effective strategies to manage them.

We’ll be joined first of all by Christian Roselund, senior policy analyst at CEA, who will provide some background on the differing conditions in U.S. and global markets and the U.S. trade and industrial policies that create the specific conditions in the U.S. market. Engilla Draper, procurement and supply chain expert with CEA will follow up with a look at the risks and opportunities that this situation presents for the industry. And finally, CEA Engineering Manager Claire Kearns-McCoy, will take us through some of the specific risks to module quality and performance that these supply dynamics can present.

Webinar content

  • Overview of the current supply dynamics in the PV module industry and how we got here
  • Industry risks and benefits that this situation presents for buyers
  • Opportunities and challenges related to supplier contract terms that buyers should be aware of
  • Module quality and performance concerns as a result of the supply dynamics
  • Q&A

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window. Mark Hutchins, magazine director at pv magazine, will be moderating this webinar.

Registration for this pv magazine Webinar is free of charge.


Christian Roselund | Senior Policy Analyst, CEA

Christian Roselund leads policy research and communication at Clean Energy Associates’ (CEA) Market Intelligence team, including issues of trade, supply chain, and national policies. Christian has 13 years of experience in clean energy, including serving as the founding editor of pv magazine USA and as editorial director at think tank Rocky Mountain Institute. He has written extensively about policy, manufacturing, and technology as they relate to solar.

Engilla Draper | Senior Manager, Supply Chain Management, CEA

Engilla Draper is an accomplished supply chain leader with a 16-year background in Procurement and Supply Chain Management. With almost a decade of renewable industry experience, Engilla has deep expertise in developing and implementing procurement strategies and guidelines to optimize supply chain operations in areas of Manufacturing and Construction Projects. Recognized for her ability to drive efficiency through strategic partnerships and consolidation of services, Engilla firmly believes in the power of standardization within complex organizations and regulatory environments. Engilla’s contributions include the creation of global contracts, purchasing policies and a diverse range of master agreements, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced supply chain management. Prior to joining CEA, Engilla held various leadership positions in well-known companies in the industry. At Copia Power and BayWa r.e., she served as the Director of Supply Chain for all EPC Projects. Engilla’s experience also includes leading the Procurement Department at Hanwha QCells EPC USA as well as Procurement Project Management at Flour Enterprises. Engilla studied Industrial Engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in Munich Germany and speaks five languages.

Claire Kearns McCoy | Senior Manager, Engineering Services, CEA

Claire Kearns-McCoy is an Engineering Services Manager at Clean Energy Associates (CEA), specializing in field testing services for PV modules. Claire has extensive experience in conducting field testing and interpreting test results and has participated in projects at CEA that have included electroluminescence imaging and analysis for over 55,000 PV modules.


Mark Hutchins | Magazine Director, pv magazine

Mark Hutchins joined pv magazine as production editor for our monthly global title in September 2016. He also reports on upstream technology and markets, and new and emerging solar regions for both print and online. Mark has experience in copywriting, music journalism and the fast-paced world of startups.

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