Save up to 4.3 euro cents per Watt peak with 1,500 volt plants: an emerging industry standard

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Discussion participants

Stefan Ringbeck, MBU Product Marketing Europe, Trina Solar
Bernhard Beck, Belectric
Faruk Yeginsoy, Leoni Studer
Attilio Bragheri, SMA Italy


Ian Clover, Senior Editor, pv magazine

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Präsentation von Stefan Ringbeck, Trina Solar
Präsentation von Bernhard Beck, Belectric
Attilio Bragheri, SMA Italy

Webinar Details

More and more solar modules and inverters are designed for 1,500 volts. Is this approach becoming a pan-European trend?

The opportunities for commercial rooftop and outdoor solar installations presented by this technology will be discussed in a forthcoming pv magazine webinar, hosted in partnership with Trina Solar.

The increase of the module system voltage from 1,000 to 1,500 volts brings many advantages, according to those companies that have introduced such components to the market. They argue that strings can be extended by 50%, while parallel connections, cable length and cross-sections can be reduced. Such an approach can also reduce cable losses on the DC side, and reduce overall system costs. Trina Solar states that 1,500 volts decreases degradation and enhances module durability.


How can cost savings be realized while material requirements for modules are increasing, and safety standards and new test instruments and inverters are needed?


  • Topics of the webinar:
  • Cost savings across the entire System
  • Practical experience with 1,500 volt systems by Belectric
  • New products, testing and measuring Instruments
  • European market outlook