Secure your investment: Discover urgently required game changing solutions in managing LeTID

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Discussion participants

Andrea Viaro, Head of Technical Service Europe, JinkoSolar
Stefan Roest , Chief Technology Officer, Eternal Sun & Spire Solar
Paul Grunow, Technology Consultant, Board of the PI Photovoltaic Institute Berlin AG


Michael Fuhs, Editor in Chief

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Webinar Details

As the degradation phenomenon LeTID (Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation) presents significant challenges to solar plant owners and operators, this webinar will discuss how to secure investments, and which solutions are emerging in the industry to keep the degradation under control. As an investor, trusting in reliable testing procedures and a proven mode of production is critical.

Join Andrea Viaro, Head of Technical Service Europe from Jinko Solar, and the initiative partner of this webinar, as he outlines the key differences between LID and LeTID and explores the different LeTID behavior of Poly- and Mono-crystalline silicon technologies. Viaro explains Jinko Solar’s innovative technology as one possible solution to these LeTID issues.

Viaro will be joined by Paul Grunow, member of the board of PI Berlin and Senior consultant, who will demonstrate real world cases of the consequences LID and LeTID can have on a solar plant and  discuss how to find modules that do not suffer these types of degradation.

Stefan Roest, CTO of Eternal Sun Spire, will also join the webinar to present the company’s research, in collaboration with UNSW, on Light and Elevated Temperature Induced Degradation and Regeneration on commercial PERC modules. He will discuss the current state of LID/LeTID testing standardization and future developments, differences between LID and LeTID as well as the different LeTID effects between module types & manufacturers, and compare existing indoor test methods for LeTID, aiming in increasing investor’s confidence.

Listen to a recording of this webinar, for an in depth exploration of the LeTID issues, and the possible solutions to manage this type of degradation, critical to securing investment.

Webinar Content:

  • Examining the LeTID phenomenon and its differences with LID
  • Physical mechanisms behind LeTID (and LID is necessary)
  • Exploration of the different LeTID behavior of Poly- and Mono-crystalline silicon technologies
  • Solutions implemented in production to control and reduce LID and LeTID phenomena
  • The critical production steps where LID and LeTID are controlled (i.e. ingot growing and cell processing)
  • Jinko technology for mass production, Impurities Control and Light-Induced Regeneration (LIR)
  • LeTID monitoring, track record of 2018 historical data, achievements in mass production
  • Discussing the current state of standardization


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Discussion participants:


Andrea Viaro, Head of Technical Service Europe, JinkoSolar

Andrea Viaro is responsible for the technical activities at JinkoSolar Europe since 2014, lately overseeing also product developments’ launch in the EU market. He has been working in the PV sector for the last nine years in similar roles at other tier-1 module manufacturer and technical consultancy global firm. His deep knowledge of PV technology and industry, in particular regarding PV modules features and quality, makes him a valued expert in this field.


Stefan Roest, Chief Technology Officer, Eternal Sun 

Stefan Roest is the co-founder and CTO of Eternal Sun Spire. He discovered his passion for solar energy driving the Nuna4 solar car through the Australian outback, winning the 2007 World Solar Challenge.  Stefan co-founded Eternal Sun as a spin-off from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands in 2011. The company added Spire to its business in 2016. Eternal Sun Spire contributes to the development and growth of the solar industry by enabling the highest degree of measurement control and certainty. Stefan Roest is an active member within the IEC TC82 WG2 and is involved in several testing related project teams.


Paul Grunow, Technology Consultant, Board of the PI Photovoltaic Institute Berlin AG