Short term thinking, long lived value: How ‘energy solutions as a service’ change the game

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Karim Wazni, Managing Director, Younicos


Jonathan Gifford, Managing Editor

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Extending the ‘as-a-service’ concept to energy can help integrate renewable energy resources into electricity portfolios – where previously it may have proven difficult. Additionally, by utilizing a rental energy system, businesses can reduce their peak demand, save costs and protect the grid from isolated peak demand events.

A growing number of companies across a wide range of industries are seeking solutions to adapt to an increasingly fast-paced business environment. Alongside onsite solar and storage solutions, a range of energy assets can deliver the flexibility, security and cost-effectiveness required to meet these demands.

However, relatively high upfront costs can make an integrated and intelligent energy solution appear unattractive.

‘Energy-as-a-service’, by eliminating substantial upfront costs can make intelligent and cutting-edge solutions not only attractive, but a non-brainer for procurement teams. What’s more, not only are such solutions now viable, they are extremely attractive in delivering enhanced efficiency, reduced energy costs and secure electricity supply even at remote sites with no or only weak grid connection.

While many sectors have already started using hybrid energy systems to avoid costly peak demand energy prices and demand charges others have been slow to adopt the technology. Significant capital investments, operational lifetimes spanning decades, and potentially lengthy amortization periods have hindered the proliferation of such systems in commercial and industrial applications, such as mining operations or energy intensive manufacturing.

Using a rental model, companies can commission energy systems to save costs and enhance the quality of electricity supply even if their investment cycle is shorter than a system’s amortization period. The model also presents an attractive solution in situations where energy prices are volatile, or where a business may choose to relocate operations.

Penetrating these new markets, Younicos offers a novel solution. In the upcoming webinar, Younicos will be sharing its expertise in the new hybrid concept.

Younicos MD Karim Wazni will give insights into specific business architectures as well as system requirements. Best-practice business cases will also be outlined, and viewers will have the opportunity to quiz Mr Wazni.


  • Current situation on the energy market
  • How to address the challenges
  • How does “energy as a service” typically look like, what are the key parameters, and how does it work for PV and for battery storage
  • Example business cases for battery storage and PV as a service
  • About Younicos+Aggreko. The customer benefits of that partnership.

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