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The ecological footprint of modules – why it’s becoming more important

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In this pv magazine webinar, REC will present its new Alpha Pure-R HJT module series and show how an exemplary life cycle of premium solar modules can look like. For several years now, the company has been implementing sustainability strategies in its production, starting with polysilicon and ending with the recycling of end-of-life solar modules.


The ecological footprint of modules - why it's becoming more important

Eco-friendliness is a growing consumer consideration when investing in renewable energy, especially for solar modules. Millions are produced every year and a huge amount of base energy and natural resources go into their making – and that is just the start of their life. After their operational service life, these modules are then discarded raising questions about end-of-life treatment.

In this upcoming pv magazine webinar, Agnieszka Schulze, Chairperson CSR & Head of Global PR of the module manufacturer REC Group, will show how an example value chain of premium solar module can look. Indeed, for several years now, REC has been implementing sustainability strategies in its production, starting with polysilicon and going all the way through the production value chain.

Having already eliminated lead solder joints in its Alpha Pure series, REC has introduced further sustainable improvements in its new Alpha Pure-R modules. Neil Edwards, Senior Technical Communications Manager at REC, says, “Despite the photovoltaic industry’s exception from RoHS in the use of lead and other substances, REC believes that such harmful toxins should no longer be used in electrical equipment. We are already taking our responsibility for a clean environment for future generations in hand and are showing that modules without harmful substances such as lead is possible.”

The performance of the new module generation (up to 430 Wp) is also impressive. With an efficiency of 22.3% and a gapless arrangement of the solar cells, REC has improved on the yield that can be obtained from limited roof space.

Together with PV Cycle’s Country Manager Germany, Ullrich Didszun, this upcoming webinar we will look at what happens to modules at the end of their lifecycle.

pv magazine Webinar content:

  • REC Alpha becomes “Pure-R”
  • Ecological footprint and various influencing factors
  • Saving water in module production
  • Kerf recycling process
  • Lead-free construction
  • Recycling – challenges in modules

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the webinar through a chat window. Becky Beetz from pv magazine will be the moderator of this webinar.

Registration for this pv magazine Webinar is free of charge.


Agnieszka Schulze | Chairperson CSR & Head of Global PR, REC

Agnieszka Schulze is passionate about clean technology and driving a better understanding on the urgency of more sustainable industries. After marketing various luxury and budget hotels for almost 10 years, she decided to follow her ‘green passion’ and joined REC Group in 2014. At REC, she is leading the global corporate communication activities and, in her second role, managing REC’s CSR engagement and reporting activities.

Neil Edwards | Senior Technical Communications Manager, REC

With over 13 years experience in industrial electronics for renewables, Neil is passionate about bringing a good technical understanding of solar to a wider audience. After joining REC in 2011, Neil is responsible for global product and marketing communications and is a key interface between the development and global sales teams.

Ullrich Didszun | Country Manager Germany, PV Cycle Deutschland

Since 2015, Ullrich Didszun has kept the position as Country Manager at PV Cycle Deutschland. Ullrich was previously a respected WEEE recycler for many years with a great deal of operational experience in the collection and recycling of waste electrical equipment. Ullrich has a strong network in the European recycling industry and institutions and offers creative and efficient solutions at any time.


Emiliano Bellini | News Director, pv magazine

Emiliano joined pv magazine in March 2017. He has been reporting on solar and renewable energy since 2009. Emiliano writes stories for our daily news sections and is responsible for coverage of the EMEA region and Latin American markets. Emiliano also covers topics such as new technology, R&D, installations and financials. Previously, he built up vast experience as a journalist in the fields of EdTech and new language technologies.

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