Hanwha Q Cells to present full range of PV solutions based on proprietary and matured Q.ANTUM technology at Intersolar Europe


Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. will showcase the full suite of photovoltaic products and solutions based on its proprietary and matured Q.ANTUM technology at Intersolar Europe in Munich from June 22nd to 24th 2016. At booth No. 270 in Hall A1, the visitors will learn about the strong international position of one of the largest and most diverse photovoltaic companies worldwide and experience the capabilities of Hanwha Q CELLS in terms of the high performance and high quality of its PV products and solutions. At the booth Hanwha Q CELLS will throw a spotlight on the "PV Stage" where a variety of presentations and the "Installation Innovation Award" will attract the visitors of the fair.

Hanwha Q CELLS´ CEO, Seong Woo Nam, said: "Intersolar Europe has been very important to us presenting our latest technology and innovative energy solutions to our many existing and future customers at Europe´s most important PV trade fair. Particularly we are very excited to present the full suite of product lines with our proprietary Q.ANTUM technology, which will deliver high performance and lasting reliability to our partners' projects in various applications and scales."


At Intersolar Europe Hanwha Q CELLS will focus its PV product and solution exhibition on the renowned Q CELLS brand – which has just been awarded the EuPD Seal "Top Brand PV" for the third time in a row for Europe and for the first time also for the USA and Australia. All showcased Q CELLS solar products will feature Hanwha Q CELLS´ proprietary Q.ANTUM technology as their engine for achieving high energy yields and low levelized costs of electricity (LCOE) in real life conditions. Q.ANTUM is a cell concept based on a rear-side passivation of the solar cell and including many additional and patent protected technological features. Q.ANTUM improves power output, low-light and temperature-behavior, while at the same time offering all of Q CELLS´ VDE certified quality standards like Anti-PID technology, Hot-spot protect, and Tra.Q laser marking. Q.ANTUM has been developed and matured by Hanwha Q CELLS and today looks on a track record of over 330 million cells produced in commercial mass production, equaling 1.5GW.

Next to the high performance and quality solar modules, the visitors of the Hanwha Q CELLS booth will also experience diverse opportunities to combine Q CELLS modules with inverters and storage in order to optimize the LCOE of residential as well as commercial & industrial solar applications. Finally, professionals in utility scale solar will learn about the experience and expertise of Hanwha Q CELLS in engineering and constructing large scale PV power plants.


– Q.PLUS BFR -G4.1: polycrystalline 60-cell Q.ANTUM solar module with power classes of up to 280 watts offering an excellent price-performance-ratio; ideally suited for rooftop applications in residential as well as commercial & industrial PV systems

– Q.PLUS L-G4.2: polycrystalline 72-cell Q.ANTUM solar module with power ratings of up to 340 watts offering highest power outputs and low BOS costs in large scale solar power plants

– Q.PEAK-G4.1: monocrystalline 60-cell Q.ANTUM ULTRA solar module with power ratings of up to 305 watts offering maximum energy yield under real conditions. Ideally suited for residential applications thanks to the combination of high performance with outstanding optical appearance

– G2G Prototype: polycrystalline 60-cell solar module prototype featuring glass-to-glass technology and a decentralized junction-box-concept combining increased durability and reliability with lower BOS costs

– Q.HOME / Q.HOME+: High efficiency Q CELLS solar modules + inverters + energy storage for residential systems


Next to the PV product and solution highlights, the PV Stage on the Hanwha Q CELLS booth will draw the attention of Intersolar visitors. A number of presentations given by our experts as well as external PV professionals and scientists will cover a wide range of PV related topics. As special highlight, the "Installation Innovation Award" will be presented on the PV Stage. This award offers a forum to installers in Europe to present their most advanced projects and ideas