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Chile may change payment scheme for small solar parks

The government is planning to replace the price offered to PV projects that have a capacity of 3-9 MW with hourly tariffs. Solar association Acesol agrees with some of the suggestions but rejects the proposed tariff change. The current system has been the main market driver for Chilean PV for the last two years.
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Ford makes $500 million equity investment in EV company Rivian

While Ford is known in the United States for its gas-guzzling pickup trucks, the vehicle manufacturer cannot circumvent the global trend towards e-mobility. The market for large electric pickup trucks could be there as Canada dashed ahead with a federal ...
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Bringing battery knowhow in house

Back in October 2018, SolarEdge announced its acquisition of Korean battery maker Kokam. Executives from both companies will be featuring as a part of discussions at pv magazine’s Future PV Roundtable during Intersolar 2019 and Lior Handelsman, Founder...

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Improving the output and lifetime of PV through cost effective cooling

Integrating cost effective cooling methods in module manufacturing to increase module output and lifetime

Live Webinar Broadcast: Tuesday 28 May 2019,  10am – 11am Spain, Italy (CEST) & Central Africa (CAT), 12pm – 13pm UAE (GST), 4pm – 5pm China (CST)


PERC and beyond – modules with passivating contacts

Understanding the next technological advance – passivating contacts using technology known as TopCon or POLO.

Live Webinar Broadcast: Thursday 9 May 2019, 3pm – 4pm (CEST)

pv magazine webinars

Bifacial’s true potential: the importance of innovation excellence in ensuring yield gains

Find out how bifacial module innovations can help to boost your solar investment

Live Webinar Broadcast: Monday 29 April 2019, 2pm – 3pm (CEST)


Nueva generación de módulos bifaciales

Formas en las que la nueva generación de módulos bifaciales puede reducir el costo nivelado de energía (LCOE)

Live webinar broadcast: 8 Mayo 2019, 18:00 – 19:00 h, España (CEST), 11:00  – 12:00 h, México (CDT), 13:00 – 14:00 h, Argentina (ART)



pv magazine outdoor test- January 2019 results

pv magazine test

The next batch of energy yield results from the outdoor test field at Xi’an, China are out.

Energy Storage Highlights Event 2019

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Ailing Singyes forced to delay annual report again

Loan defaults have brought business at the solar goods maker and EPC to a halt and a lack of progress reports on its formerly lucrative project contracts means there is no immediate prospect of seeing the company’s 2018 figures.
Markets & Policy

Wacker blames low poly prices for Q1 profit slump

Lower prices for polysilicon, combined with higher energy costs, pushed Wacker Chemie’s operating result for the first quarter of 2019 more than expected. However, the German company remains committed to its original annual forecast for 2019.
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Kyocera reports decline in solar sales for 2019

The drop in sales of solar energy products was mainly responsible for a 28% year-on-year turnover drop of the Life&Environment Group division, which includes the Japanese company's activities within solar.
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Tesla’s solar business shrinks as Musk focuses on Model 3

The EV, energy storage and solar company deployed only 47 MW of solar during Q1, as Tesla moves away from traditional sales methods towards web-based sales for its products.

Bboxx presents new micro-grid solution in Togo

The "next-generation" utility has presented a micro-grid at a Togolese village. The concept can be reproduced and power schools, small businesses and homes alike. Even an internet connection is part of the project. Despite the World Bank and other instit...

Press Releases

RECOM expands solar operations in France, moves headquarters to Lannion

RECOM, Europe’s largest solar manufacturer, reinforces commitment to the growing French market by increasing manufacturing capacities and investments.

World’s First UL No.61730 Certificate Obtained by Phono Solar

Nanjing, April 2019 -- Phono Solar, a global leader of high-end photovoltaic products manufacturing, announced that it has acquired the first No. 61730 Certificate of Underwriter Laboratories Inc (UL) in the world.

Risen Energy Releases Jäger High Efficiency Mono-Crystalline Half-Cut Module White Paper

On April 25th, 2019, Ningbo, Risen Energy Co. , Ltd.

Proventus backs Better Energy’s plans with €80 million to accelerate the green transition

Danish renewable energy company Better Energy has secured financing worth €80 million from Swedish credit investor Proventus Capital Partners to accelerate growth and the transition to clean energy sources.

Opinion & Analysis


Strategies vary, but the goal remains the same

It’s no secret that global energy demand continues to rise, with some estimating an increase of a third by 2040. Meanwhile, writes David Green, Research & Analysis Manager for Smart Utilities Infrastructure at IHS Markit, the energy industry is on the cusp of a 100 year change away from oil and coal hydrocarbons towards renewables and natural gas. Every stakeholder in the industry has a role to play in the energy transition, including within the industrial sector which accounts for 50% of global energy consumption.

Inverter suppliers go digital

More than 11 million PV inverters will be shipped in 2019 alone, and most of these will be connected to a software platform and controlled by the inverter companies. This creates an opportunity for suppliers to create new models and revenue sources, writes Cormac Gilligan, research and analysis manager at IHS Markit. And indeed, in recent years inverter suppliers have been rapidly developing ‘Internet of things’ software platforms to take advantage of this.

China’s PV policy still under discussion

Although the National Energy Administration (NEA) held a seminar to talk about the development of the 13th five-year plan last November, a positive signal for domestic demand, the Chinese government still has not released new official targets for solar, as of February 2019.

Supply distribution under trade barriers and the trend of market diversification

Despite a number of unfavorable policy announcements, the global PV market still added 101 GW in 2018. It looks likely that this momentum will continue this year, with as much as 110 GW of new capacity expected.

Exponential or slow growth?

The Turkish solar market finds itself at a crossroads in 2019, with previous policy settings coming to an end and more questions than answers being raised by recent government efforts. While the YEKA projects to date have delivered little in terms of installations, Muren Guler from Global Energy Ltd believes that ‘Mini YEKA’ could provide just the boost manufacturers, suppliers, and developers are looking for.

What sustainable solar means to Turkey

There is no denying that Turkey is an ideal fit for a major solar market and key player in the PV sector, located on the border between east and west. But while the country has shone as a solar star this decade, writes Eren Engür, Managing Partner at Icarus Energy, it is quickly fading as the government has failed to promote a sustainable solar sector. However, this could be about to change.

Markets & Policy


Mega projects, mega problems

The clouds gathering over Turkey’s 1 GW solar park in Konya, the first YEKA tender, are dominating discussions among PV players in the country. Developments surrounding the Konya tender illustrate the Turkish solar market’s challenges, as the country’s unsteady economy and its policy preference for local manufacturing appear to be acting as a break on installations.

Axpo wants to buy French PV developer Urbasolar

The Swiss energy company said it was chosen by Urbasolar’s owners as the preferred buyer among a list of high-ranking bidders.

Greece plans to tender extra 300 MW of solar in July

The energy ministry has published a plan for renewables auctions for this year and next. Under the program, Greece’s energy regulator has announced the next PV tender will take place in the summer.

Dutch government plans 100 MW floating PV project at dredging spoil depot

Two government agencies and the Port of Rotterdam are planning to deploy the installation at De Slufter, a 250-hectare depot for contaminated sediment.

Solar offers rare cheer in China Power figures

Despite outperforming rivals in terms of revenue and curtailment levels, solar apparently didn’t do enough to deflect the board away from plans to focus on energy-from-waste.

Canadian Solar sells 80% of 482 MW portfolio in Brazil to Qatar’s Nebras

There are four PV projects and all the facilities will use bifacial panels provided by the Brazilian factory of the Chinese-Canadian manufacturer.



Syncons come back Down Under

Sometimes there are old solutions to new problems. But often the problem would be best avoided in the first place. The developers of one of Australia’s most ambitious solar and eventually battery storage projects encountered precisely this – as the rate of wind and large-scale solar development in Australia outstrips the capabilities of the grid, at least in some locations.

PV hits lowest tariff in Greece’s first solar-wind tender: €0.053

Solar power has broken two records. It offered the lowest tariff in Greece’s first joint PV-wind tender – a payment level that is also the lowest ever awarded a Greek PV project.

Canada’s Saskatchewan province tenders second large scale PV project

Utility SaskPower has closed the request for qualification phase for a 10 MW plant which prompted 22 applications from 13 companies. The province wants 60 MW of renewables by 2021. The tender for a first PV plant of the same size was finalized by SaskPower in June.

EU approves Lithuania’s auction plan for renewables

The procurement scheme has a budget of €385 million and is open to all renewable energies. Auctions will be held by the country’s National Commission for Energy Control and Prices.

Webinar Q & A: How can investors mitigate the risk of LID and LeTID?

What is your recommendation for investors when buying PERC modules? Can LeTID loss be completely recovered in the field? Can one be sure that there is no LID and LeTID in n-type cells? Presenters, Andrea Viaro, head of technical service Europe, JinkoSolar, Stefan Roest , CTO, Eternal Sun & Spire Solar and Paul Grunow, technology consultant, board of the PI Photovoltaic Institute Berlin AG answer these and other questions from a recent pv magazine webinar.

Off-grid solar in Africa gets $224 million World Bank lift

The funds will be used for electrification projects in West Africa and the Sahel to bring electricity to 1.7 million people.



Quality on the line

With competition on the module market as cutthroat as ever, manufacturers are increasingly looking to emphasize the quality and reliability of their products and services as a differentiator. pv magazine investigates what’s behind some of these claims, and the move from manufacturers to more sophisticated quality assurance methods.

Scientists make an exciton organic PV discovery

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory have found a mechanism for creating a charge in molecular materials. The findings, say the team, could lead to new approaches in the design of PV devices.

CISOLAR 2019: Ukrainian PV needs clarity and long-term strategy

As Volodymyr Zelensky celebrates his victory in the Ukrainian presidential elections, stakeholders in the country remain uncertain about his intentions in the renewable energy space. With installation figures above 1 GW in the last 12 months, the market is hot — but for how much longer?

Taiwan’s PVEVL expands performance tests to perovskite, quantum dot and organic solar cells

Despite the difficulties its solar manufacturing industry faces, the Taiwanese government is ramping up its R&D efforts to measure the efficiency of what it calls “new-generation light-driven photovoltaics”.

California just made more clean energy than it needed

The state grid operator has shown that for most of the period between 1:50 PM and 3:05 PM on Sunday, more carbon emission-free electricity than users demanded was generated in its region.

Global renewables R&D will further drive down energy transition cost

The Netherlands’ Organisation for Applied Scientific Research says renewables would not only contribute to a cheaper energy system but would also create more opportunities for new business, exports and jobs – as well as a cleaner environment.



A burning issue

Cables and connectors: The quality and performance of solar balance of system components in the U.S. market is generally quite high, but there are still low quality, knock-off, or outright counterfeit products available at discounts large enough to attract some shortsighted installers or other buyers in the market.

Pre-webinar interview: Bifacial PV – glass-glass or glass-backsheet?

In preparation for the next pv magazine webinar “New approach for bifacial modules and yield expectations” on Monday 29 April, 2pm – 3pm (CEST), Andrea Viaro, head of technical service Europe, JinkoSolar and Lucie Garreau-iles, technical manager, EMEA, DuPont, in the following answer the questions by pv magazine on why create an alternative to the bifacial glass-glass-modules

Hanergy chairman resigned from the board along with three directors

Founding chairman Li Hejun is too busy travelling to promote the company to also manage day-to-day operations. His sisters will hold the stock on his behalf, however.

Consolidation of Taiwanese PV industry continues with another shutdown

Taiwanese manufacturer E-Ton Solar said it will halt solar cell production due to strong price pressure. It is now seeking to sell two of its three manufacturing facilities in southern Taiwan, while its shares have been suspended from trading on Taiwan’s stock exchange.

The prospects for solar after the Indian elections

Narendra Modi’s BJP party is seeking re-election with the aim of ensuring the electrification of all railways by 2022 and turning renewable energy into a popular movement with steps including an emphasis on solar farming. Even if the elections spring a surprise, however, the renewable momentum is unlikely to slow as no government can afford to roll back the clean power tide.

PV waste a rising challenge for Bangladesh

With concerns over the mountains of PV system waste that will one day pile up around the world, Bangladesh is no exception – the nation currently has no solar panel recycling policy.

Energy Storage


The what and when of P2G

Often touted as the missing link in the energy transition, power-to-gas (P2G) has not yet had its time to shine. While the technology has been around for decades, large-scale projects have been exceptionally rare. Over the last year, however, encouraging signals are emerging as research, pilot projects, and small-scale applications appear to have picked up pace. As debate continues about the tipping point for P2G in terms of conversion efficiency and costs, some market players are optimistic about near-term prospects.

Australians across all parties support EV policy and expect to buy electric cars

Coming hot on the heels of major reports and a heated public debate about electric vehicles, a poll commissioned by the Climate Council has confirmed Australians believe electric cars are the future. Another poll, by The Australia Institute, has 50% of Australian voters supporting all car sales being electric by 2025.

Moixa to build virtual power plant as first phase of UK smart energy project

The storage supplier will set up a mixed-asset virtual power plant that will initially aggregate up to 2 MW of capacity as the first phase of a planned smart local energy system in southern England. Moixa aims to eventually scale the VPP up to 17 MW.

Battery group unveils online map of global storage installations

The Consortium for Battery Innovation has produced an interactive, online map highlighting the location of lead-battery storage installations worldwide.

App mobility service to add 300 e-buses in India by 2020 as utility pledges to go all-electric by 2030

Mobility company Shuttl will also set up more than 50 EV charging points in prime locations and state-run power distributor BSES Rajdhani Power Limited will invest in testing facilities to support stabilizing the grid for EV charging, as well as pilot schemes on effectively integrating renewable electricity into its network.

Washington state’s 100% renewables bill passes both Houses

Washington is looking to become the fourth state to make the move to 100% renewable electricity, with only a senate review and the hand of Governor Inslee left in the path of SB 5116.


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