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PV waste a rising challenge for Bangladesh

With concerns over the mountains of PV system waste that will one day pile up around the world, Bangladesh is no exception – the nation currently has no solar panel recycling policy.

The weekend read: European solar comes of PPAge

From scorching Seville to rainy Rostock, investors claim that power purchase agreements (PPAs) have made European solar farms bankable without government subsidies. By providing lower risk for cheaper capital, they are powering a renaissance in establish...

The what and when of P2G

Often touted as the missing link in the energy transition, power-to-gas (P2G) has not yet had its time to shine. While the technology has been around for decades, large-scale projects have been exceptionally rare. Over the last year, however, encouraging...

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Improving the output and lifetime of PV through cost effective cooling

Integrating cost effective cooling methods in module manufacturing to increase module output and lifetime

Live Webinar Broadcast: Tuesday 28 May 2019,  10am – 11am Spain, Italy (CEST) & Central Africa (CAT), 12pm – 13pm UAE (GST), 4pm – 5pm China (CST)


PERC and beyond – modules with passivating contacts

Understanding the next technological advance – passivating contacts using technology known as TopCon or POLO.

Live Webinar Broadcast: Thursday 9 May 2019, 3pm – 4pm (CEST)

pv magazine webinars

Bifacial’s true potential: the importance of innovation excellence in ensuring yield gains

Find out how bifacial module innovations can help to boost your solar investment

Live Webinar Broadcast: Monday 29 April 2019, 2pm – 3pm (CEST)


Nueva generación de módulos bifaciales

Formas en las que la nueva generación de módulos bifaciales puede reducir el costo nivelado de energía (LCOE)

Live webinar broadcast: 8 Mayo 2019, 18:00 – 19:00 h, España (CEST), 11:00  – 12:00 h, México (CDT), 13:00 – 14:00 h, Argentina (ART)



pv magazine outdoor test- January 2019 results

pv magazine test

The next batch of energy yield results from the outdoor test field at Xi’an, China are out.

Energy Storage Highlights Event 2019

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The Netherlands: PV’s Iron Throne

While relatively small compared to its more populous neighbors, the Netherlands has a history of punching above its weight. This is certainly true of its solar market in 2019, writes Rolf Heynen from Dutch New Energy Research. And for companies awake to ...
Markets & Policy

Solar once again the only winner in German renewables auctions

In the first round of this year’s mixed wind and solar tender there were only bids for PV projects. Some 18 projects with a combined capacity of 210 MW were selected and the final feed-in premium tariffs were almost the same as those seen in the previo...

Solar ready to take more risks in Brazil’s upcoming auction

According to Brazilian solar energy association ABSOLAR, PV project developers will be awarded "quantity contracts" in the auction to be held on June 27. The association, however, warns that changes in contract structures require adequate adaptation and ...

New figures reveal effect of policy vacuum on China’s large scale solar

Just 5.2 GW of new PV generation capacity was installed in the world’s biggest solar marketplace in the first three months of this year. And virtually all of that was made up of small systems as developers wait to see what emerges from solar policy dis...
Markets & Policy

Global renewables R&D will further drive down energy transition cost

The Netherlands’ Organisation for Applied Scientific Research says renewables would not only contribute to a cheaper energy system but would also create more opportunities for new business, exports and jobs – as well as a cleaner environment.

Press Releases

Social Security Investment Fund Agreement

n Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the Social Security Investment Fund signed an agreement for the construction of solar power plants with the Coalition of Ahmad Badawiah Contracting Company and Philadelphia Solar Company.

Solytic and Powerdoo work on a common vision

Berlin-based AI pioneers Solytic and Rostock’s Powerdoo are developing the digital control room of the future.

Endeas delivers QuickSun all-in-one PV module testing stations for major HJT module factory

Endeas is delivering fully automated QuickSun all-in-one testing stations to a new PV module factory for the final quality inspection of heterojunction (HJT) modules. The new systems, providing annual testing capacity of up to 750 MW, will be delivered in the third quarter of 2019 to a leading non-Chinese PV manufacturer.

Powertrust “no lithium inside” initiative

In March, electricity storage systems manufacturer Powertrust launched its “no lithium inside” initiative. The aim is to create awareness for the entire material cycle and to establish an alliance of storage battery manufacturers who provide sustainable solutions covering the entire life cycle of their products, from raw material procurement to recycling.

Opinion & Analysis


Strategies vary, but the goal remains the same

It’s no secret that global energy demand continues to rise, with some estimating an increase of a third by 2040. Meanwhile, writes David Green, Research & Analysis Manager for Smart Utilities Infrastructure at IHS Markit, the energy industry is on the cusp of a 100 year change away from oil and coal hydrocarbons towards renewables and natural gas. Every stakeholder in the industry has a role to play in the energy transition, including within the industrial sector which accounts for 50% of global energy consumption.

Inverter suppliers go digital

More than 11 million PV inverters will be shipped in 2019 alone, and most of these will be connected to a software platform and controlled by the inverter companies. This creates an opportunity for suppliers to create new models and revenue sources, writes Cormac Gilligan, research and analysis manager at IHS Markit. And indeed, in recent years inverter suppliers have been rapidly developing ‘Internet of things’ software platforms to take advantage of this.

China’s PV policy still under discussion

Although the National Energy Administration (NEA) held a seminar to talk about the development of the 13th five-year plan last November, a positive signal for domestic demand, the Chinese government still has not released new official targets for solar, as of February 2019.

Supply distribution under trade barriers and the trend of market diversification

Despite a number of unfavorable policy announcements, the global PV market still added 101 GW in 2018. It looks likely that this momentum will continue this year, with as much as 110 GW of new capacity expected.

Exponential or slow growth?

The Turkish solar market finds itself at a crossroads in 2019, with previous policy settings coming to an end and more questions than answers being raised by recent government efforts. While the YEKA projects to date have delivered little in terms of installations, Muren Guler from Global Energy Ltd believes that ‘Mini YEKA’ could provide just the boost manufacturers, suppliers, and developers are looking for.

What sustainable solar means to Turkey

There is no denying that Turkey is an ideal fit for a major solar market and key player in the PV sector, located on the border between east and west. But while the country has shone as a solar star this decade, writes Eren Engür, Managing Partner at Icarus Energy, it is quickly fading as the government has failed to promote a sustainable solar sector. However, this could be about to change.

Markets & Policy


Mega projects, mega problems

The clouds gathering over Turkey’s 1 GW solar park in Konya, the first YEKA tender, are dominating discussions among PV players in the country. Developments surrounding the Konya tender illustrate the Turkish solar market’s challenges, as the country’s unsteady economy and its policy preference for local manufacturing appear to be acting as a break on installations.

Australians across all parties support EV policy and expect to buy electric cars

Coming hot on the heels of major reports and a heated public debate about electric vehicles, a poll commissioned by the Climate Council has confirmed Australians believe electric cars are the future. Another poll, by The Australia Institute, has 50% of Australian voters supporting all car sales being electric by 2025.

Agro PV raised efficiency of land by shielding crops from harsh sunlight

Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems has demonstrated combining solar generation with agricultural activity is now not only viable at lower costs, but may be particularly suitable for arid regions.

UK researchers warn of potentially rising silver costs

A study has highlighted that the two growth phases of solar panel manufacturing – after the 2008 global downturn and again after 2011 – coincided with higher prices for the precious metal.

“There is no such thing as a zero or near-zero-emission nuclear power plant”

Stanford professor Mark Z Jacobson has said new nuclear plants may cost up to 7.4 times more than wind and solar facilities, with construction times longer by up to 15 years. Such a delay, he said, may see an huge amount of extra carbon emissions from fossil fuel power sources. His verdict comes as China this month set new guaranteed tariffs for nuclear power.

GCL Poly secures more public backing with second investment fund deal

The polysilicon manufacturer will be one of the partners in a fund for the city of Leshan which appears to be planned chiefly to upgrade the poly production facilities of one of the company’s subsidiaries.



Solar carports thrive on dual-use concept

Multiple drivers are increasing the rollout of solar carports. As with all things PV, cost is an important factor, and is heading in the right direction to see this application move out of the niche and into the mainstream. EV adoption could also prove decisive here.

Moixa to build virtual power plant as first phase of UK smart energy project

The storage supplier will set up a mixed-asset virtual power plant that will initially aggregate up to 2 MW of capacity as the first phase of a planned smart local energy system in southern England. Moixa aims to eventually scale the VPP up to 17 MW.

Battery group unveils online map of global storage installations

The Consortium for Battery Innovation has produced an interactive, online map highlighting the location of lead-battery storage installations worldwide.

US presidential hopeful calls for huge increase in renewables on public lands

Senator and 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren has announced plans for a targeted expansion of renewable energy development on public lands along with a moratorium on new fossil fuel leases.

Tracking Turkey’s licensed PV market

Turkey’s unlicensed solar market has been the powerhouse of new PV capacity. Given the unlicensed segment is coming to an end, investors are questioning the prospects of the licensed alternative. pv magazine has tracked the progress and future potential of Turkey’s licensed PV market.

Washington state’s 100% renewables bill passes both Houses

Washington is looking to become the fourth state to make the move to 100% renewable electricity, with only a senate review and the hand of Governor Inslee left in the path of SB 5116.



Human vs. machine

Some manufacturers have started to bring self-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence into their monitoring systems and have indicated this in our market overview. In this way, they seek to reduce the personnel costs of O&M service providers. Although humans still have the upper hand in many processes, artificial intelligence is on the rise.

App mobility service to add 300 e-buses in India by 2020 as utility pledges to go all-electric by 2030

Mobility company Shuttl will also set up more than 50 EV charging points in prime locations and state-run power distributor BSES Rajdhani Power Limited will invest in testing facilities to support stabilizing the grid for EV charging, as well as pilot schemes on effectively integrating renewable electricity into its network.

DuPont unit and Fraunhofer ISE to work on c-Si module testing

The PV solutions division of DuPont Electronics and Imaging has revealed plans to work with the Fraunhofer ISE on optimizing testing protocols for crystalline silicon solar modules.

California’s solar power record setting season is here

The state grid operator reported breaking 11 GW of instantaneous power from large scale solar on Saturday at 1.50pm. Just 20 minutes earlier, the CAISO grid was exporting a record 1.5 GW of electricity, and last Wednesday it hit 93% clean electricity for a moment.

Getting (almost) all our energy from the sun by 2050

Solar could meet approximately 68% of global energy demand with other renewables making up the rest, according to a new report. A 100% renewable energy system could also create 22 million solar jobs by 2050, the study claims. Keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees C, though, would require FITs for projects up to 40 MW in capacity, auctions for bigger systems, removing fossil fuel and nuclear subsidies and providing more education and R&D and less red tape.

Swedish researchers develop ultra-fast hydrogen leak detector

The discovery could provide a great leap forward in the feasibility of using hydrogen-powered cars to curb global transport emissions.


Making the connection

From modules and inverters down to the smallest components in a PV system, quality is an issue that needs to be kept firmly in mind. pv magazine spoke with Eric Ast, Head of Business Development at Stäubli Electrical Connectors, about pushing for education on quality in the smaller components and their management, as the company celebrates 20 years in the solar industry.

Longi plans two new production lines in China’s PV heartland

The solar manufacturer has revealed plans to invest around $875 million in production capacity for monocrystalline ingots, wafers and cells – and expects to raise a chunk of the cost with a shares issue this week.

GCL Poly subsidiary secures public backing for its operations in Xuzhou

A subsidiary of the poly maker and PV developer will commit more than $200 million of its cash to an investment fund which could then finance projects for one of its fellow GCL Poly Energy Holdings businesses.

India’s solar sector will outperform globally despite near-term challenges, says Fitch Solutions

With Narendra Modi being tipped to triumph again in the current Indian elections, Indian solar capacity is expected to grow robustly, at 15.3% per year, on the back of continued strong government support.

The weekend read: Out with the old…

PV demand started weakly this year but will show an upward trend in the second half. Corrine Lin, chief analyst at PV InfoLink, examines supply and demand for polysilicon and predicts huge new capacities will come online in the west of China and shake up the market, spelling bad news for some international players.

India is lagging behind the EU on PV waste management

The opening of India’s marathon six-week election yesterday will bring policymaking to a halt but a prominent consultancy says the nation is trailing behind peers when it comes to guidelines for materials and recycling, and the lack of a viable business case for reusing materials doesn’t help matters.

Energy Storage


Why Shell’s acquisition of sonnen is a tipping point

Philipp Schröder, CEO CAPinside, former sonnen Managing Director

GCL Poly subsidiary sweats solar assets for $89m cash injection

The poly maker’s project development business has entered a sale and leaseback deal for a 140 MW project that will bring in a financial lift in the short-term but cost more than $31 million over nine years.

Hawaii utilities seek more renewables, storage and now grid services too

Hawaiian Electric Companies has laid out plans to source the equivalent of 135 MW of solar and 1,378 MWh of energy storage – as well as load shifting and frequency response from distributed energy resources through aggregators.

EDP to build Portugal’s first MW-sized PV plant coupled with storage

The 3.8 MW project is conceived for self-consumption of two facilities of the lead-acid battery manufacturer Exide in Castanheira do Ribatejo and Azambuja.

Mitsubishi offers residential solar-plus-storage EV charging in Japan and Europe

The Dendo Drive House includes a solar system, residential storage and a bi-directional charger. Mitsubishi says it reduces electric bills and fuel costs by enabling battery charging from the grid at night, when power prices are cheaper, and can also draw power from an electric vehicle.

Belgian scientists develop solar hydrogen panel

The innovation is said to be able to produce 250 liters of hydrogen per day and can convert sunlight and water vapor from the air directly into hydrogen gas with an efficiency of 15%.


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