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5th Smart Cities India 2019 Expo

#REMforum 2019 – 10. St.Gallen Forum for Managment of Renewable Energies


Greener Business Summit

Africa Energy Forum

Attend the 21st Africa Energy Forum from 11-14th June in Portugal for four days of discussions and networking functions focused on Africa’s Energy Sector. Visit


PV BOX which is the largest PV media platform of China will hold conference with UNEF in Madrid on 13th June 2019, and will set lots of awards at the dinner party. There will be many EPCs, investors and other related industry practitioners coming to the summit. The lineup of speakers is also very strong. They’ve already invited European Commission, Univergy solar , Alten Energias, RED ELECTRIA ,EIA,A.A,ACCIONA, Baywa R.E.Vector Cuatro Group, GRANSOLAR,Cox Energy, X-Elio, SolarCentury, Solaria Energia, Sterling&Wilson, Alfanar Energy, Enel Green Power,etc.

The conference will feature 4 STREAMS OF CONTENT explore and witness the resurgence of the Spanish energy sector:


More details and registration please

Intersolar Summit Spain

Spain’s first-choice conference for solar energy and corporate sourcing

SolarPower Europe and Spanish Solar Association, UNEF, have teamed up with the Intersolar organizers to shed light on Europe’s new solar boom market – Spain. Intersolar Summit Spain takes place in Barcelona on June 18, 2019. We are going to discuss the PV market development in Spain, the chances and opportunities of the announced grid parity, corporate sourcing models, regulation and policy issues.

Solar Market Parity Italy

Visit Website

With a solar target of 50 GW by 2030, Italy is poised to become one of the hottest and fastest-growing markets in Europe. After several years of inactivity due to the cancellation of the incentive scheme (Conto Energia), the Italian PV market is ready to resurge and claim its spot as one of Europe’s premium markets. Market parity has reached the sun-drenched country and has opened a door of opportunities for all stakeholders.

Solar Market Parity Italy is your one-stop conference for everything related to the development of utility-scale market parity PV projects in Italy. More than 200 key stakeholders will gather the 18th of June in Milan to answer the industry’s most pressing questions and network with the future shapers of the sector.

Energy and Mines Australia Summit

Australian miners are leading the sector’s energy transformation towards affordable, reliable, and sustainable power. Falling prices for renewables combined with rising energy costs and unreliable supply are driving new energy projects and creating partnerships between the resource sector and alternative energy providers.

The Energy and Mines Australia Summit is where these partnerships develop. Now in its 3rd year, the event showcases new projects, providing operational and strategic detail to mine energy decision-makers. The event focuses on the latest developments and deployments in microgrids, storage, electrification, hydrogen, and other key technologies in mining’s energy transition.

Carbon Zero Expo 2019

Why Exhibit at Carbon Zero Expo?
■ Showcase : New business creation in regard to the low carbon industry, and
sustainable target marketing for potential buyers.
■ Network : Network building as the leading company in the carbon energy
industry, and direct business with customers.
■ Communication: One-stop shop for technology, market and policy information
for sustainable business creation through communications with decision-makers
for government policy and related industries.
■ Brand : Increased market share and strengthened brand image as the market
leader in the low carbon industry.
■ Keep in Touch : Place for continuous meetings with current and potential

Exhibit Item :

  1. Greenhouse gas reduction solution hall : Greenhouse gas reduction devices, carbon dioxide management solutions, fine dust collection and management equipment, air purifying devices, Carbon Capture and
    Storage system (CCS), atmosphere and water quality measurement devices, etc.
  2. Renewable energy and alterna tive energy hall : Solar cell (heat) generation and monitoring system, geothermal heat generation and monitoring system, biomass generation and monitoring system, wind power generation and monitoring system, marine energy (tidal power, wave power, sea water temperature and salinity gradient generation) and monitoring system, bio gas generation and monitoring system, smart water management system, waste resource and resource circulation products, thermohygrostat devices, waste heat and energy efficient facilities, etc.
  3. Low carbon emission vehicles, transport and shipping hall : Electric cars and charging service, electric bus, hybrid car, hydrogen car, electric bicycle,
    eco-driving products, etc.
  4. Microgrid and smartgrid hall : Energy storage system (ESS), energy management system (EMS), convergence dispersed generation, ICT implementation technology, IoT and big data products, etc.

Energy Storage System Expo 2019

■ Showcase: Sustainable target marketing is possible for potential buyers as well as creation of new business in regard to Energy Storage Systems.

■ Network: Network building as the leading company in the Energy Storage System industry, and direct business with customers.

Communication: One-stop shop for technology, market and policy information for sustainable business creation through communications with decision-makers of government policies and related industries.

■ Brand: Increase market share and strengthen brand image as the market leader in the Energy Storage System industry.

■ Keep in Touch : Place for continuous information exchange with current and potential customers

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