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India: Avaada Power to develop 1.6 GW of solar in Uttar Pradesh

Avaada Power Pvt Ltd has committed US$1.55 billion to develop solar PV projects in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

South Australia: Labor sets 75% RE target by 2025

The South Australian Labor Party has increased its Renewable Energy Target (RET) to 75% by 2025. It also plans to introduce a target of meeting 25% of the state’s peak electricity demand with stored renewables – equating to 750 MW of storage capacity.

Netherlands launches spring round of 2018 SDE+ program for large-scale solar, renewables

The first window to submit project proposals will be opened on March 13. The program is open to, among other renewable energy projects, solar plants over 1 MW and projects ranging in size from 15 kW to 1 MW.

Canada unveils roadmap for coal phase out, RE implementation

The Canadian Department of Energy has revised its goals to phase out coal powered electricity by 2030. It will increasingly focus on renewable energy (RE) and natural gas. In Alberta alone, an extra 5 GW of solar and wind are expected to be installed.

UK National Grid accelerates EV adoption with installation of super rapid charging stations

The National Grid is planning to support the installation and development of ultra-rapid, directly connected EV charging points along the U.K.’s major motorways.


Jordan to launch 30 MW storage project

The project is scheduled to come online by mid-2019 and will help the local grid better manage the increasing power generation from wind and solar facilities, which at the end of 2017 had reached a combined capacity of 500 MW.

IE signs investment deal with Alten RE for up to 600 MW of sub-Saharan Africa PV projects

A deal, worth up to US$36 million, has been signed by South Africa’s Inspired Evolution (IE), under which it will invest in Alten RE Developments Africa B.V. Over 600 MW of solar PV projects are set to be developed.

Increasing 2030 RE share positive for EU economy, IRENA report shows

Under the REmap case study for the EU, presented by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in its latest report, solar PV and wind power will account for the bulk of capacity additions in the power sector by 2030. The potential identified for solar PV amounts to 270 GW, an 86 GW increase on the business as usual scenario.

Solar to lead global renewables growth for next five years — KPMG

Investors throughout the world made 406 investments in large-scale renewables in 2017, collectively valued at roughly €40.1 billion (US$49.5 billion), but solar is set to grow more in terms of capacity than any other clean-energy technology over the next half decade, according to a new report. Battery storage will play a crucial role in this, it found.


Germany’s auction for large-scale solar: Bids below €0.04/kWh for the first time

Price drop continued in the first round of the 2018 tender series. The final average price of solar bids was €0.0433/kWh, a value which is quite below that of the tenders for wind power.