Macedonia 870KW photovoltaic roof mounting solution is provided by Xiamen Grace Solar


Xiamen Grace Solar started to build roof mounting system for the 870KW efficient solar energy project in three locations of unified civilian residential areas in Macedonia.

The whole system which totally applies Grace Solar GS series roof mounting solution will be complete in early October and put into operation. Part of this project gets support from “renewable energy” policy of the local government, and gains government subsidies, which makes the civilian residential areas can have its own system and get a series of benefits including energy cost saving, renewable energy incentive program subsidies, and other cost associated with this project. In the next 20 years, this system is expected to reduce civilian residential area electricity costs of $ 20 million.

Panfi Teal, the project leader, said: "This project will reduce half cost of electricity in civilian residential areas, and accumulate necessary funds for our residential projects and facility upgrades. In cooperation with Grace Solar, we can realize civilian savings to maximize while output clean renewable energy. This is a good thing for our residents and communities."