New generation of high power string inverters reduces PV system LCOEs (Asia/Pacific region)

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Discussion participants

Marco Trova, Product Management, ABB Solar


Jonathan Gifford, Managing Editor

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The costs of installing electrical components in large-scale PV systems can be dramatically reduced with one simple concept, according to webinar partner, ABB: Using higher power string inverters, with a modular design, that have positive effects both on CAPEX and OPEX.

In addition to implementing this concept, the company has expanded the voltage range for DC input and AC output. In the upcoming pv magazine webinars, Marco Trova, Product Management at ABB Solar, will discuss the new string inverters with 100 and 120 kW AC output power; how the concept works; and which cost positions during construction and during the lifetime of the plant can be reduced.

In practical terms, he will further address cost savings and system design without generator junction boxes. “Where we offer this new class of solar inverters, we expect it to gradually replace conventional string inverters with 50 or 60 kW AC for very large rooftop and utility scale systems,” he says.

Overall, the webinars will investigate in which situations the new high-performance string inverters are a better choice, compared to smaller models and central inverters.

A particular focus will be placed on the Asian-Pacific region.


  • Current trends in the inverter market, and the trend towards higher power inverters
  • Presentation of ABB Solar’s inverter model, PVS-100/120-TL. According to ABB, these are the most powerful string inverters on the market
  • Plant design and efficiency when using high power string inverters
  • A comparison of balance of system costs for systems with 100/120 kW string inverters, and 50/60 kW string inverters
  • System design without generator junction boxes
  • Outlook: High-performance inverters in 1,500-volt systems

Questions can be submitted beforehand, at the registration, or during the webinar through a chat window. Jonathan Gifford, Managing Editor, pv magazine, will host the webinar. We look forward to your participation!

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