Antaisolar provided aluminum solar structure for agriculture solar project in South Korea


With the solar energy development in South Korea, Antaisolar is striving to promote the utilization of solar racking that meet the local requirement and after years of in-depth market development, we are honored to see Antaisolar’s aluminum solar racking is widely applied for  numerous of ground solar power stations in Korea.

Recently, in addition to the pile ground solar farms, Antaisolar offered the solar racking for one 400KW Agriculture solar project in Korea. It’s known that the combination of solar energy and agriculture helps to utilize the land efficiently in a smart way. The agricultural solar mounting system won’t hinder the growth of crops, meanwhile meeting the power generation demand. Besides, with enough elevation, it allows people and animals to pass through.

According to the client response, the solar project is going smoothly and expected to completed within one week in May. Pre-assembled solar racking and solar screw foundation make the whole installation fast that really cost down on site labor costs.