Meeco completes installation of sun2roof solar rooftop systems on 57 buildings in Guyana


The meeco Group had been awarded the project within the framework of a public tender process by the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) to execute this renewable energy project and has managed to implement the customised clean energy systems.

“We are very grateful for the cooperation with GEA and especially its CEO Dr. Mahender Sharma who has been very supportive in making this project cluster happen in a professional and timely manner”, explains Konstantin Wolf, CFO of The meeeco Group.

The commissioning of the 57 sun2roof solar rooftop systems with a total capacity of 740 kWp contributes to establishing a sustainable and clean energy supply in Guyana. “The solar installations will reduce energy costs while displacing fossil-based energy supply and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, we aim to ra ise awareness among stakeholders and showcase the applicability and functionality of renewable energy”, states Dr. Mahender Sharma, CEO of the GEA.

The solar solutions have been completely customised according to the energy requirements and conditions of each building and comprise of power inverters with an interface to our energy monitoring system sun2see. This real-time monitoring and control platform ensures a smooth performance of the solar energy systems powering governmental buildings such as ministries, schools, police stations and administration buildings.

The realisation of such a substantial project including engineering, procurement, shipment and execution within only 200 days represented a real challenge for the management team and the local staff of oursun Guyana.

Due to the size of the project and the different locat ions of the buildings in the vicinity of 200 kilometres of Georgetown, local teams had to be deployed and trained and the logistical part had to be regulated very fast. Thanks to the rewarding cooperation with the government of Guyana and the local partners, the installation process could be completed professionally and as planned.

The successful implementation of this challenging clean energy project represents a milestone for The meeco Group and oursun Guyana.

“We are delighted about the possibility to realise this project supporting Guyana's efforts to establish a sustainable and green energy supply”, states Thomas Beindorf, Chief Technical Officer of The meeco Group. “Our whole team worked hard to implement the solar energy solutions according to our high-quality standards. Despite some logistical challenges, we could manage to commission the systems on all the 57 roofs within a very tight time schedule,” Beindorf summarises.