PMT and Goldbeck Solar: Bundled expertise for the solar industry


“In Goldbeck Solar, we have found a partner who shares our fascination for technical excellence with high quality and has proven for 20 years what we can achieve with courage and creativity in the solar industry,” says Peter Grass, founder and CTO of PMT. 

Equal partners 

Through the cooperation with Goldbeck Solar, PMT bundles competencies and creates valuable synergies that will bear fruit in the form of new product developments in the areas of Agri-PV and ground-mounted systems. The existing product portfolio will also be taken to the next level with the help of the expanded expertise. The values of quality, safety and practicality will remain at the forefront. 

What does the cooperation look like in concrete terms? 

Joachim Goldbeck Holding will take a stake in the PMT Group and the Goldbeck Solar Group as a shareholder. In the future, both companies will stand side by side as a freely operating side by side as a freely operating sister company.  

This participation strengthens the financial position of PMT. In the future it will be possible to scale up projects and to design better options for PMT's customers. A strong and productive partnership at eye level.