RECOM expands solar operations in France, moves headquarters to Lannion


Hamlet Tunyan, founder and CEO of RECOM, says: “We’re happy to contribute to France’s goal to become Europe’s leader in solar power. “France is supporting solar deployment, manufacturing, and R&D in an exemplary way. The combination of ambitious targets and strict requirements on sustainability and technology are all strong motivators for us to invest in the country “.

RECOM already has a substantial presence in France. In 2017, RECOM acquired the PV module manufacturing facility SILLIA in Lannion, Brittany (currently RECOM-SILLIA) and is about to increase the facility’s capacity from 50 to 300 MW. RECOM modules produced in France meet French specifications for exceptionally low carbon footprint.

RECOM also aims to develop 1GW solar projects in France alone over the next few years. Late last year, RECOM-SILLIA was awarded, through tenders, a cumulative 150 MW projects throughout France, 45 MW of which is already under construction and will be completed mid-2019.

Additionally, RECOM has now decided to move its headquarters to Lannion, France.

RECOM runs manufacturing activities in several countries and sales offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and EMEA regions. The company is committed to make clean energy the source for all electricity, mobility and smart infrastructure of the future. RECOM manufactures in Europe and cooperates with manufacturers around the world to achieve cutting edge quality solar modules to satisfy the needs of our customers. All RECOM PV modules have long term warranties. The founding motto of RECOM, the REnewable Energy COMpany is: ” It’s our generation that can change the world.”