Simplified and improved: K2 Systems product innovations at Intersolar Europe 2019


Key product innovations include:

  • The K2 App has two new functions. “Roof Check” helps users to enter all core project data directly from the roof to immediately start designing in K2 Base, while “Smart Pocket” makes all project data, including Base report, available in the App.
  • The K2 Base planning software now comes with the “K2+” interface, eliminating redundant tasks. K2+ directly interconnects K2 Base with SolarEdge Designer, enabling straightforward sharing of project data and saving considerable time for users.
  • For flat roofs, the S-Dome V System, elevated on one side, now also has a 15° elevation. In addition, the Dome V 10° systems have been further improved. On top of already existing common components, they now have a common peak, saving transport and storage costs and simplifying everyday mounting.
  • New components further expand the application areas of pitched roof systems. For Klip-Lok® and Klip-Tite® roofings, the “RibClamp KL” offers the right solution. Suitable standing seam clamps for the SingleRail System expand the usage options. Optimised OneMid and OneEnd universal module clamps extend the clamping range for module frame heights in the lower range to 30 millimeters.
  • The company can look back on 15 years of experience as a global rooftop expert and has been working in over 120 countries around the world with an installed output power of 8 GW.

K2 App as a handy sales assistance and digital clipboard

The App’s new “Roof Check” function enables users to easily and fully capture and store key measurements and roof properties right on site, to return to the office with them and to start designing them in Base. Apart from entering text, they can use their smartphones’ dictation function or add pictures of obstructions to the documentation.

Once planning in Base is completed, the project data, including the Base report, are also accessible in the App at any time using the “Smart Pocket” feature. In addition, the App offers a dashboard with all the mounting systems, including references, mounting videos, and provides on-demand specifications and instructions. As is the case in Base, users can choose among 15 languages and access a common project repository of App and Base.

K2+ interconnects K2 Base and SolarEdge Designer

K2+ helps users to plan the right mounting system in K2 Base in just five steps and to transfer all the entered project data with one click to the SolarEdge Designer for calculating inverters. Through the integration with SolarEdge’s Designer, K2+ reduces the previously necessary effort of multiple data entries, thus saving time during the complex planning of a PV system.

The planning software now has over 15 languages, a redesigned project dashboard, an extended user-friendly help system and numerous implementations of national construction regulations for reliably designing all K2 mounting systems. For simplification, the software's name was also shortened from “K2 Base On” to “K2 Base”.

User-friendly Dome V systems for flat roofs

Following the successful launch of the ballast-optimised Dome V 10° flat roof systems last year, the company will present the S-Dome V System at this year’s Intersolar that is elevated on one side and available with a 15° elevation angle. As the S-Rock 15° System successor, the new S-Dome V 15° can now be designed in Base.

Thanks to several innovative optimisations, the three mounting systems D-Dome V 10° as well as the S-Dome V 10° and 15°, now have the same peak as well as six more common components, such as the flexible Mat V made from EPDM or the SD with quick screw-in mounting. “Back-friendly pre-assembly, simultaneous installation of modules and mounting system as well as the many common components enable significant time savings, even easier installation and lower storage costs,” says Katharina David, Managing Director, K2 Systems.

More usage options for pitched roof systems

The RibClamp KL System enables extremely fast mounting for the Klip-Lok® and Klip-Tite® roofings which are found especially in South Africa, Australia and South-East Asia. The module-supporting “RibClamp KL” clamp eliminates the need for rails in landscape installations.

In addition to roofs with tiles, corrugated sheet metal and corrugated fibre cement, the SingleRail System now offers a simple solution even for standing seam roofs. For twin standing and round seam profiles (such as Kalzip, Bemo, Aluform or RIB-ROOF Evolution) and snap as well as angular seam profiles, standing seam clamps with a direct lateral connection are now available for SingleRail. The new “Single Standing SeamClamp CF:x” and “Single Round SeamClamp CF:x” can now be planned in Base.

In future, the OneMid and OneEnd universal clamps have a larger clamping range of 30 to 42 mm, to ensure that the clamps continue to fit the solar modules, which are becoming smaller on the international PV market.
The new “SolidRail XS” mounting rail has been designed for small spans. It is used in particular in Brazil for standing seam roofs with low load capacities.

By the autumn of 2019, the “SingleRail 36” mounting rail’s design will have slightly changed to ensure improved stackability of rail bundles during transport and in the warehouse. An improved plain tile roof hook, with a modified design for improved stability and the usual easy handling will also be available in autumn.

K2 Systems has been a global mounting system manufacturer since 2004

K2 Systems and Everest Solar Systems, the North American and Mexican PV market brand, offer many years of experience along with an in-house development department, a strong sales network and eight fully owned subsidiaries to manufacture innovative mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs worldwide.

Extending the locations in South Africa and Brazil in the last few months as well as an installed output power of more than 8 GW and the service skills of K2 staff make the German company so successful.

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Visit us at Intersolar Europe 2019 at stand A3.540 and come celebrate with us at the booth party after 6pm on 15 May 2019.