Sunova unveils TOPCon and HJT panels during Intersolar Europe 2022


[Munich, Germany, May 11, 2022] China Wuxi based Sunova Solar today launched four new PV panel products including two with next generation TOPCon and HJT cell technology at Intersolar Europe 2022. Compared to previous module types, the new products are with better performance and higher efficiency.

Besides two normal mainstream PERC modules, more exciting products brought by Sunova to Intersolar EU 2022 are new panels with next generation cell technologies both of TOPCon and HJT.

The one with N-type TOPCon cell tech is also based on 182mm wafer and with bifacial double-glass design. With layout of 6 times 12 and half cut tech, the panel equips with 144 cells total and with power output up to 575 W. Compared to conventional PERC cell, TOPCon provides higher conversion efficiency to 22.2%.

Sunova said the TOPCon panel has a power degradation of less than 1% in the first year and less than 0.4% of annual degradation. The company provides 30 years of linear power guarantee.

Refer to another possible technical route, Sunova also provides its new product with HJT cells. Based on mature M6 (166mm) size wafer and half cut tech, Sunova’s bifacial HJT panel provides up to 480 W for standard 6 times 12 panel type. The present conversion ratio is 22.1%, very close to TOPCon type. Benefits from the inherent features of HJT tech, the panel has a power degradation of less than 1% in the first year and less than 0.37% of annual degradation. Sunova provides 30 years of linear power guarantee for this product too.

Established in 2016 in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, Sunova Solar focuses on research and manufacturing of solar PV products and targets to become a leading Chinese supplier for solar PV business solutions. The company has business branches in 10 countries of five continents.

Supported by three production bases in China and Vietnam and total module capacity of 3 GW, Sunova has succeeded module shipments to over 100 business partners in around 20 countries so far. Since 2021, All panel products of Sunova have been granted reinsurance by Ariel-Re for its reliability and durability.

Sunova has planned to upgrade current panel capacities to be compatible with next generation TOPCon (2 GW) and HJT (1 GW) in the future and will start the production and shipment of these two new PV panels since the second half of 2022.

Sunova has a booth with number of A2.240 at Intersolar Europe 2022 and welcome to visit us.