TSUN Debut at ASEW 2024: Tapping into ASAIN Market with Cutting-Edge Technologies and Excellent Services


TSUN’s debut at International Renewable Energy Exhibition demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing its cutting-edge products and services to meet the growing demand in Thailand for reliable and stable residential power base.

TSUN Easy Solar Kit ESKUniversal with upgraded features was jointly exhibited with TSOL-MS400 at ASEW. TSUN has introduced the Universal Series, an upgraded version of their solar kits. This Pre-Assembly, Angle Adjustable, Waterproof, all-black panel system is suitable for various settings including gardens, railings, balconies, and walls. Its design is not only fashionable but also highly functional with angle adjustability and a plug & play feature. Made with aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the kit is both lightweight and robust. It comes with a 1.2m cable and is certified by CE, VDE, and TUV. The system includes a expandable micro-inverter up to 3KW with WIFI/Bluetooth monitoring. This advanced product, debuting at ASEW, offers superior performance and efficiency.

TSOL-MP3000 micro-inverter, the bestseller in Thailand, and stands out for its ability to handle up to six high-power panels simultaneously, delivering an impressive 3KW maximum output power. The TSOL-MP3000 is particularly suitable for smaller systems and areas where partial shading is a problem. Its design addresses the challenges posed by shading, and by managing the power output of each individual panel, the TSOL-MP3000 maximizes energy production in all conditions.

Our upcoming TITAN Microinverter TSOL-MP6000 boasts a powerful 6KW output and a generous 23A input current. It operates over a wide voltage range of 22V to 120V for extended working hours and increased profitability. With multiple MPPT channels, it's adaptable to complex, multi-orientation roof layouts and remains shadow-resistant. It's dust-tight and waterproof, making it a reliable choice for any environment.