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Average PV system sizes rising in Australia

The Australian Energy Council’s quarterly solar report points to something getting bigger in the solar industry that isn’t just about large-format modules – average PV system sizes are getting bigger in Australia.

Australia’s recycling opportunity emerges as batteries boom

Australia’s national science agency has identified a potential AUD 3.1 billion ($2.4 billion) industry, as the increasing penetration of renewable energy continues to drive growth in the battery energy storage sector.


Canadian investor plans 1.3 GW renewable energy hub in South Australia

Amp Energy, a Canadian clean energy investor with a growing Australia portfolio, has unveiled a new 1.3 GW renewables expansion strategy. Its plan includes at least three massive PV projects, two of which could support South Australia’s green hydrogen aims.

Pacific Energy to build Fortescue’s Pilbara grid-scale battery project

Contract Power Australia, a subsidiary of Pacific Energy, is set to design, construct, install and commission 42 MW of battery capacity for Fortescue Metals Group as part of its Pilbara Energy Connect project. The storage facility will be the largest grid-connected battery system in Western Australia.


South Australia sets record as electricity prices consistently plunge below zero

Rooftop solar has caused South Australia’s average daytime prices to consistently fall below zero for the first time in the history of the National Electricity Market, the Australian Energy Market Operator said in its new quarterly report this week.


Australia positioned to be ‘battery of the world’

PV and wind could meet global energy demand 100 times over, according to a new report by the Carbon Tracker Initiative. Australia, in particular, is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the transition as one of the few developed countries with vast renewables potential and a low population.


Australian regulator proposes rewards for new, ultra-fast services in the electricity market

The Australian Energy Market Commission has released proposals to reward fast frequency services in the National Electricity Market for the first time.

Australian solar installer receives unexpected response from customers after switching exclusively to microinverters

Solar installer Jake Warner has received surprising feedback from his customers after he chose to transition his company, Penrith Solar, exclusively to microinverters two months ago. “What I found is actually the opposite to what I expected,” Warner told pv magazine Australia


Australian green hydrogen project grows from 1 GW to 8 GW, following commitment from Total Eren

Province Resources has signed a memorandum of understanding with French renewable energy developer Total Eren, which could see the two companies have equal shares in Province’s HyEnergy Zero Carbon Hydrogen project proposed in northwest Western Australia.


Australian coal mine to transform into pumped hydro facility

Australian utility AGL is transforming its operations in a number of ways, from restructuring the company itself, to building energy storage facilities for flexible distribution of renewable energy into the future. The company is also planning to build a pumped-hydro facility at a disused open-cut coal mining site in eastern Australia.


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