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Sumitomo Mitsui Construction deploys in-house floating PV tech

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction has used its PuKaTTo proprietary tech for a 2 MW floating PV project in Japan’s Kagawa prefecture. It said its durable, easily deployable floats can host 60-cell and 72-cell solar modules.

Solar-plus-storage as an antidote to grid congestion in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido

Chinese inverter maker Sungrow has switched on a 6 MW / 21 MWh solar-plus-storage facility on the island. The FIT project’s connected AC capacity is limited to only 845 kW, but the containerized storage solution provided by the company ensures its viability.

Japan PV auctions not a failure, says IRENA

Land scarcity and grid congestion are the main reasons for unexpectedly low capacity allocations in Japan’s five PV auctions between 2017 and January 2020. However, the auction outcomes should not be seen as disappointing, as the average final prices were close to the cost of electricity for solar, says the International Renewable Energy Agency.


Japan’s sixth solar auction concludes with lowest bid of $0.095/kWh

Around 368.8 MW of PV projects were allocated in the sixth round of Japan’s procurement program for large-scale solar. The lowest price offered was ¥10.00/kWh ($0.095) and the highest ¥12.00, for an average price of ¥11.49.


Japan’s largest solar-plus-storage plant is now operational

Softbank has energized a 102.3 MW solar park backed by 27 MWh of lithium ion storage capacity. The project was built on 132 hectares of land near the town of Yakumo, in the northern island of Hokkaido.

Solar-powered hydrogen production in Japan

Toshiba has finalized construction of a 10 MW hydrogen plant in Fukushima prefecture which draws power from 20 MW of solar generation capacity as well as the grid.


Japan’s fifth solar auction delivers final lowest price of $0.10/kWh

Only 39.8 MW of PV projects were allocated in the fifth round of Japan’s procurement program for large-scale solar. The lowest price offered was ¥10.99/kWh ($0.10) and the highest ¥13.0, for an average price of ¥12.57.


Total begins work on 52 MW solar park in Japan

The Total Solar International PV unit of the French oil giant has started construction of a large scale plant in Osato, in the prefecture of Miyagi, Japan. With its third solar project in Japan, Total will reach 100 MW of installed generation capacity in less than two years.


Solar and wind make coal unprofitable in Japan

Recent investments into 11 GW of new coal generation capacity may result in reduced operating cashflows of $71 billion. That will occur, according to a report from the Carbon Tracker Institute, because solar and wind will become cheaper than coal in Japan by 2025 at the latest, despite high renewable energy costs at present.


Japan’s fourth solar auction concludes with lowest bid of $0.098/kWh

The tender produced lower bids than previous rounds but again allocated less generation capacity than planned. The Japanese government initially accepted bids for a combined 589.9 MW but ended up assigning only 195.8 MW of capacity. The final average price for procured solar power was $0.1222/kWh.


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