MNRE minister urges India solar PV industry to develop research initiatives


Addressing the industry during the inaugural function, the Minister encouraged India to develop the requisite technology in its country, rather than import “sub-standard” technology. He added that it was advisable to source and buy expensive, quality technology, instead of looking for cheaper alternatives. He stated: “Look at the amount of fossil fuels we are importing at the cost of dollars and the country’s health. Just look at the savings we can do for the nation if we can develop solar technology.” The Minister also stressed on the importance of having long-term, stable and serious players in the solar PV industry.

He then went on to issue advice to the Indian solar PV industry over the steps it is attempting to take in a bid to ease project-financing issues. In this regard, the Ministry for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has called for a bankers meeting in Mumbai, in the western part of the country.

Abdullah also informed the audience that each Member of Parliament’s (MP) house in New Delhi, the Indian capital, is equipped with solar water heaters, while he outlined plans that will ensure that each Indian government building will henceforth be green.

In his address, S. Jaipal Reddy, Hon’ble Union Minister for Urban Development, raised his concern at the growing pollution, which is occurring as a result of urbanization. Currently, 30 percent of the Indian population resides in urban areas. To develop this further means that there will be a great demand energy consumption in future, in the country. This demand, he said, can be met by exploring the various and available non-conventional sources of energy.

He advised the audience of a National Mission on Sustainable Habitat. Under this Mission, the Ministry will look to reduce India’s dependence on conventional energy. One of the three initiatives of this particular Mission involves the Energy Conservation Building Code. As and when this Mission commences, there will be further opportunities for solar PV project developers.

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