Japan: Solar Frontier to supply CIS panels to Miyazaki Solar Way project


The construction of the Tsuno No. 2 Power Plant is being undertaken as one of Miyazaki Prefecture’s ‘Miyazaki Solar Frontier Vision’ initiatives, said Solar Frontier. It is part of the ‘Miyazaki Solar Way Project’, a joint venture between Miyazaki Prefecture, the town of Tsuno and the Kokusai Kogyo Group, which aims to install around one MW of solar panels along approximately 3.6 km of an overhead structure, at the site of the Linear Motorcar Miyazaki Test Track.

The company added that its CIS thin film solar cell modules were selected as one of the three different types of modules installed at Tsuno No.1 Plant. It said it will supply all of the solar cell modules to be installed at the Tsuno No. 2 Power Plant.

“Solar Frontier views future megawatt-scale solar projects as key opportunities to further demonstrate the economical and ecological superiority of our CIS thin film solar cells,” said Solar Frontier CEO, Shigeaki Kameda. “Solar Frontier will aggressively pursue both public and private projects in booming solar cell markets both in Japan and around the world leveraging our global marketing network to offer customers economically-compelling CIS solar panels produced in our cutting-edge gigawatt-scale production facilities in Japan, including our third plant which will be the world’s largest solar production plant once it commences operations in 2011.”

Future plans

The company has recently started operations at a one MW solar power plant at Showa Shell Sekiyu’s Niigata Petroleum Import Terminal, in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. It has said it is also in the process of constructing a one MW solar power plant next to its Second Miyazaki Plant in Miyazaki Prefecture, and a two MW solar power plant on the rooftop of its Third Miyazaki Plant.

Furthermore, it explained that it also plans to supply roughly 10 MW of CIS thin film solar cell modules to the “Komekurayama Solar Power Plant”, which is being constructed in Yamanashi Prefecture as a joint project between Yamanashi Prefecture and the Tokyo Electric Power Company. The new solar power plant is scheduled to begin operations in 2012.