Solar Frontier to supply General Electric


Solar Frontier will supply GE to meet the increasing global demand and in return GE will provide power plant expertise to aid in Solar Frontier’s development of CIS technology for use in utility scale solar installations. Solar Frontier modules were decided on after GE’s extensive testing and benchmarking to determine that performance and efficiency were met.

The modules produced for GE by Solar Frontier will be part of GE’s utility-scale solar projects. The contract will ensure that its customers have a reliable supply of standard setting thin film solar modules for large ground mounted and roof top installations. Solar Frontier is subsidiary of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K and the modules will be manufactured at the automated production plant in Miyazaki, Japan. According to Tokyo trading outlook, Showa Shell Sekiyu’s shares rose the most in more than six months after the closing of the deal with GE.

“Teaming up with Solar Frontier demonstrates that the solar market has matured to support large-scale players,” said Shigeaki Kameda, president and chief executive officer of Solar Frontier. “GE’s selection of Solar Frontier’s thin film technology enables us to bring bankable, reliable and ecological solar technology to the global market.”