Oerlikon Solar receives 40MW order from China


The Chinese company based in Hengyang has placed an order for a 40MW Micromorph turnkey production line from Oerlikon Solar. The line is also known as the FAB 1200. The line is scheduled to come into production by the end of next year, churning out approximately 330,000 solar modules per year.

The FAB 1200 won an award from VLSI Research in 2009. According to Oerlikon, the upgrade packages for better performance, higher output and improved efficiencies can be beneficial to customers like Gongchuang. “The combination of our ThinFab launch last month and our latest order from Gongchuang is very encouraging for the future development of our company,” said Juerg Henz, CEO of Oerlikon Solar.

Oerlikon Solar’s customer contract with Gongchuang, which was signed in August at a Sino- Swiss conference in Beijing as part of a commemoration of 60 years of commercial ties between China and Switzerland, has now gone into effect. The president of Gongchuang, Xie Hui, stated, "We are very proud to bring Swiss engineering excellence from Oerlikon Solar to Hunan Province.”