Italy: Solar share retreats as part of Enel energy mix


Although solar forms part of Enel‘s mix – thanks to a considerable contribution during the 2011 boom – most of the good news in 2012 came from wind power.

The Rome-based multinational announced an 8% rise in revenue for 2012, from €2.5 billion (US$3.4 billion) to €2.7 billion. Most of the increase came from higher electricity sales in Iberia, Latin America, North America and other parts of Europe.

Gross earnings were up 6.3%, from €1.6 billion to €1.7 billion, but net debt rose at a faster rate in 2012 – some 14.6% – from €4.1 billion to €4.7 billion.

Total installed capacity rose 900 MW, with most of the increase from wind farms, notably in the U.S., Canada and Romania as well as new markets in Mexico and Guatemala.

Enel has an installed capacity of 8 GW of which 200 MW, or 2%, is solar with wind (4.3 GW, 54%) dominant in the mix. Total power generation for the year rose to 25.1 TWh, of which 1% (0.2 TWh) came from photovoltaics.

Enel has a thin film photovoltaics plant in Catania and a solar-geothermal facility in Nevada, U.S.