REC partners with roofing specialists Sika and Centroplan


Norwegian solar panel manufacturer REC is collaborating with roofing system specialists Sika AG and Centroplan GmbH in Europe, with plans to expand their services globally.

The companies are joining forces to offer state-of-the-art installations of flat-roof solar systems with an initial focus on commercial and industrial installations in Europe.

"Alongside the quality of the solar panels, the quality of the installation plays an important role in overall system performance," says Luc Graré, REC’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. "By cooperating with companies that have the expertise in roofing construction specifically for solar panel installation, we at REC can offer our customers the certainty that the solar panels and roof mountings will be a perfect fit. This translates to long-term peace of mind for customers."

Pointing out that most roofing companies guarantee their sealing for ten years, REC says the fact that the rooftop installations it is offering with its partners will be guaranteed for 20 years, which “confirms the high quality and reliability of the roof solar panel system by REC, Sika and Centroplan."

Sika certified installers will ensure the proper overall construction of the installations.

Both Sika and Centroplan offer in-depth experience with special requirements for roofing and solar panel installations.

Switzerland-based Sika is a leading developer and producer of materials for the construction industry, with a strong focus on roofing products and systems such as flexible sheet and liquid-applied membranes and lightweight mounting systems for solar panel installation on flat roofs.

Germany’s Centroplan specializes in roof-mounted systems and also offers mounting systems as well as planning services for projects throughout Europe for solar panel installations on the roofs of industrial properties.