Mercom: Battery/storage M&A activity tops $2.4 billion in 2015


Marking a decrease of nearly 8%, battery/storage companies raised just US$397 million across 37 deals in 2015, compared to $431 million across 34 deals the previous year. The U.S. is the market leader in this sector, with 13 of the deals totaling $367 million occurring there.

Total corporate funding slipped 27%, from $927 million in 2014 to $676 million last year. Of this, the lion’s share of funding, $120 million, went to flow battery companies, while energy storage system companies saw $96 million. Younicos, which saw investment of $50 million by First Solar and Grupo ECOS, was among the top venture capital funded companies last year.

Marking another decrease, debt and public market financing fell, 43%, from $490 million in 2014, to $279 million.

On a positive note, however, M&A transactions in 2015, soared around 90% from $232 million across 18 transactions in 2014, to $2.4 billion across 11 transitions.