Gantner Instruments making impressive strides in the PV monitoring market


Gantner Instruments announced an impressive start to 2016, with 367 MW of PV installations using its monitoring equipment. That pushed its global total further past the 3 GW mark, which confirms it as one of the world’s largest independent PV monitoring providers.

A lot of the company’s business in the early stages of 2016 came from the U.K., as it confirmed that it had provided monitoring control solutions for 33 projects in the country, and had commissioned 18 sites there as well. This is a welcome development, as it represents strides in a different direction from the company’s most established market of Germany, where it installs more than 30% of the utility scale monitoring systems.

Further than just monitoring the PV systems, Gantner Instruments’ equipment helps to maximize the performance of the solar PV installations. “Our aim is to be the best partner for cost effective monitoring and control solutions worldwide, and to perfectly fulfill our customer´s needs for simple, easily digestible data and risk reduction”, said Joerg Scholz, CEO of Gantner Instruments Environment Solutions. “We are very happy that several leading players along the PV value chain trust our solid and reliable technology.”

One of the things that makes Gantner Instruments stand out from other large PV monitoring providers, is that it has remained independent. While others, such as meteo control and Skytron, have been incorporated by large PV companies, Gantner remains a wholly independent provider, which can be used with any solar arrays.

The company released new monitoring solutions equipment in January, and is eyeing a bright future by expanding into some new markets. In particular, India, the Philippines, and the MENA region. “We are represented in all relevant tenders and project enquiries in the MENA region. As soon as the market starts up, we will be part of it,” mentioned Scholz.