California: Local Bay Area Solar Installer Celebrates 40 Years in Business

A Berkeley-based solar installation company is celebrating this month its 40th year of designing and building solar systems in the Bay Area and beyond. Established in 1976 by Cal Berkeley-trained engineer Gary Gerber, Sun Light & Power serves a broad range of customers in the commercial, nonprofit, residential and public sectors in Northern and Southern California. Projects range from modest solar electric (photovoltaic) systems for individual homeowners to large commercial applications that combine solar electric systems with solar water heating.

According to Gerber, Sun Light & Power was founded with a mission to make a positive difference in the world. "As a California Benefit Corp, we are committed to the good business practices that support our shared environment, provide generously for our team members, and enrich the community we live in,” he said. In 2012 Sun Light & Power was one of the first companies in California to become a Certified B Corp, and was also the first solar company to be certified as an Alameda County Green Business, over 14 years ago.

Since 1976, Sun Light & Power has completed over 1,700 solar installations, both solar electric and solar thermal. This number includes over 20 megawatts of PV and 173 solar thermal projects installed within the past 10 years. The company and its projects have been featured in various publications and websites, including SolarPro, PM Engineer, Journal of Light Construction and Business In Focus.

Gerber added that being in the solar design and installation business for 40 years is a major accomplishment and is a feat he believes is unmatched by any solar company in the state. “Others may have dabbled in solar in the early years, but Sun Light & Power was founded as a solar design and installation company from day one. We are proud to have played our part in bringing solar to thousands of properties in California and we look forward to continue doing it in the years to come,” he said.