Enerray delivers the solar rooftop to the worldwide Us e-commerce giant


Last july Enerray completed the photovoltaic system on the rooftop of the worldwide Us e-commerce giant new logistic center located in Passo Corese (Rieti province, Center Italy). The photovoltaic system is going to provide a 964 kWp electric power thanks to 3,200 mono crystalline solar panels, all the energy is for the logistic center self-consumption and the return on investment expectations are on 5 years and half.

The worldwide Us e-commerce giant, chose Rieti province to build the new logistic center covering all the requests coming from South and Central Italy. An important investment for Italy, based on strong innovation and technology and developed by E2K as general contractor. E2K chose Enerray to develop the major photovoltaic system on rooftop, the electric energy produced is going to be used for the next-generation multilevel structure self-consumption, allowing an high saving on the electric bill.

“It’s an important acknowledgment of italian professionalism and of our company in the photovoltaic sector – said Michele Scandellari, ceo of Seci Energia holding -. The logistic center located in Rieti province is the result of massive investments in innovation and technology  made by this worldwide e-commerce giant and we are so proud to be seen as the italian company up to this challenging task”.

The new logistic center in Rieti province counts on a 160,000 square meters area, 8,500 square meters dedicated to offices, the photovoltaic system covers a 5,230 square meters area.

In financial terms, the plant should generate an annual return rate after 20 years, equal to 11.4%, for a discounted net value of over 8.3 million euros.