ENGIE leader of the 4th French Energy Regulatory Commission solar bidding with nearly 100 MW projects awarded


This success consolidates ENGIE’s leading position in photovoltaics in France with an installed and construction capacity of more than 600 MW. ENGIE won nearly 180 MW in the first two CRE sessions.

The selected projects have all been developed in consultation with local stakeholders and will make a priority use of local providers. They will solely be located on non-agricultural and mostly degraded lands.

The success of ENGIE reflects the quality of its offers and the competitiveness of the Group. It also shows the ability of ENGIE to develop projects on the whole territory 1 and on all families (on the ground and photovoltaic power plant shade structure).

In particular, the important success (25 MW) in the “photovoltaic power plant shade structure” family, following the Walon Rivesaltes innovative project, reflects ENGIE’s ambition to accelerate the development of this type of facilities, which have a very limited space needs on the ground.

As France prepares to triple its solar capacity by 2023, ENGIE wants to accelerate and improve its market share, aiming to reach 2.2 GW by 2021.

Already a leader in solar, ENGIE is also the onshore wind power leader in France, with an installed capacity of 1,730 MW, and first in hydraulic power with 3,820 MW of installed capacity on December 31, 2016.