Hanergy’s thin-film solar panels to aid meteorology research in Antarctic


The world’s largest thin-film solar power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group has signed an agreement with the Academy of Meteorological Science to supply its revolutionary thin-film solar panels to support meteorology research in Antarctic.

As per the agreement, Hanergy’s thin-film solar panels will be utilized in an equipment and observation station in the Antarctic which will aid meteorology research. It is the first time thin-film solar panels will be supplied to and installed in Antarctic work stations, proving the quality of the product.

A signing ceremony was held at Chinese Academy of Meteorological Science in the presence of Hanergy representatives, scientists and specialists from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Polar Meteorological Chinese Academy of Meteorological Science.

In February, scientists and specialists from the academy had visited Hanergy’s global headquarters in Beijing where Wei Qiang, president of Hanergy’s Saudi Arabia company guided them through the Hanergy Renewable Energy Exhibition Center to gain insights on the history of the company and its top-of-the-line products.

Ding Minghu, deputy director of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Polar Meteorological Science Research Institute said: “We chose Hanergy’s solar power panels considering our operational needs and the panels’ ability to work under extreme temperature and low-light conditions.

“Bearing in mind [the] par excellence capabilities of Hanergy’s revolutionary thin-film solar panels, we decided to install these solar power panels on the exterior of our observation equipment and shelter to better utilize solar power, reduce the use of fossil [fuel] energy and eliminate … harmful consequences to the Antarctic.”

With the unique characteristics of being light, thin and flexible, Hanergy’s thin-film solar modules can be applied in products of diverse shapes and sizes and work under different weather conditions. Going to the Antarctic marks another breakthrough in their adaptability.

Commenting on the company’s accomplishment, Hanergy’s Wei said: “We’re elated to be the first company in the sector to contribute in meteorology research in [the] Antarctic … [This] gives us further impetus to continue the momentum on technological innovations and sustain our position as [a] technology forerunner in [the] thin-film power sector.

“Recently, we’ve also signed an agreement with our Saudi partners to set up the first thin-film solar power industrial park in [the] Middle East. From Saudi Arabia to the Antarctic, from extreme high temperature to … extreme coldness, it’s a huge challenge to the reliability of Hanergy’s technologies and products. We’re confident that Hanergy can handle the task to support the meteorology research with great finesse and fervor.”