Hanwha Q CELLS surpasses 10 GW of Q.ANTUM cells


This production landmark was achieved earlier this year, and Hanwha Q CELLS is on course to end 2018 having produced more than 2.5 billion Q.ANTUM solar cells since first mass-commercializing the technology in 2012. To help illustrate just how many Q.ANTUM solar cells the industry has embraced, 2.5 billion solar cells laid end-to-end would cover a distance of approximately 390,000 km – enough to circle around the globe at the equator almost ten times and roughly the distance from the earth to the moon.

Q.ANTUM is the proprietary solar cell technology platform for Hanwha Q CELLS. Though based on passivated emitter rear-side cell (PERC) technology, Q.ANTUM offers a number of additional benefits that differentiate the technology from conventional PERC products. These benefits include high module performance output and long-term reliability thanks to excellent anti-PID (potential induced degradation), anti-LID (light induced degradation) and anti-LeTID (light and elevated temperature induced degradation) performance.

Q.ANTUM: Delivering a wealth of benefits for the customer

Recently, Fraunhofer CSP independently tested the anti-LeTID performance of nine different module types from leading solar manufacturers and found that Hanwha Q CELLS’ monocrystalline silicon Q.PEAK DUO and multicrystalline Q.PLUS modules exhibited <1% power loss when subjected to LeTID testing conditions. This result placed both modules as market leaders of Fraunhofer’s performance graph.

In addition to market-leading anti-degradation performance, Hanwha Q CELLS provides for all of its Q.ANTUM cells and modules excellent performance warranties, Hot-Spot-Protect and Tra.Q laser marking to ensure 100% traceability and a guarantee of the Company’s strict quality standards.
Hanwha Q CELLS has more than 5 GW of global Q.ANTUM cell capacity, which equates to one of the industry’s largest PERC-based capacities. The Company’s flagship products that are helping to drive the uptake of Q.ANTUM technology include the Q.PEAK DUO-G5 solar module range, which boasts half-cut cell technology and six bus bars to deliver efficiencies of close to 20% and power output of up to 330 Wp for 120 half-cut cells and up to 400 Wp for 144 half-cut cells.

Dr. Daniel Jeong, CTO of Hanwha Q CELLS, remarked: “Hanwha Q CELLS’ Q.ANTUM technology has been a real game-changer – not just in underpinning the Company’s renowned Q.PEAK and Q.PLUS module series, but also in terms of raising standards in module performance and efficiency throughout the solar industry. We are proud to have surpassed 10 GW of production and enter 2019 looking to accelerate Q.ANTUM’s growth.”