Infinite Energy announces deal with Tesla Energy to bring the Powerwall to Western Australia


Infinite Energy's Managing Director Aidan Jenkins said "Infinite Energy is

thrilled to bring such a revolutionary product into the Australian market via

our team in Perth. The Tesla Powerwall is a huge leap forward in bringing

down the costs of energy storage which is a real key in increasing the amount

of renewable energy able to be deployed across the electricity grid."

Initially, Infinite Energy will pairing the Powerwall with the SolarEdge Solar PV

system for homes with a single phase electricity supply the Fronius Symo

Hybrid is currently undergoing a product update and will be able to be paired

with the Powerwall in the next couple of months. In the meantime the

Fronius Symo Hybrid is able to be installed as a "Tesla Powerwall ready"


The Tesla Powerwall will perform four key functions for homeowners:

• Storing excess solar power (rather than exporting it to grid for a low

Feed-In Tariff)

• Energy arbitrage (charging the battery at off-peak rates and using the

energy at peak times).

• Peak shaving (particularly if electricity network operators start to

impose maximum demand based charges).

• Backup in times of power outage.

Infinite Energy will also be offering Tesla's Powerpack to its commercial and

industrial customers. Based on the same technology platform as the

Powerwall, the Powerpack doesn't need to be interfaced with Solar PV and

provides large scale energy storage.

Infinite Energy believes that large scale deployment of energy storage

solutions like Powerwall and the Powerpack will be beneficial to the

electricity grid and well as the customers attached to it. "This is not necessarily all about going off the grid. It's about giving electricity consumers the choice

of what to do with their energy. Use it, store it, sell it whenever they want."

Jenkins said.

Infinite Energy also reaffirmed its intention to enter the Residential Electricity

Market in WA once the WA State Government introduces choice for

consumers in the next couple of years. Jenkins added, "Products like the

Powerwall are the key to being able to offer electricity consumers innovate

tariffs that provide a price signal to use, store and sell energy at the right time."

Infinite Energy is taking orders for the Powerwall immediately with first

installations expected to occur in late January.