Intersolar 2011: Increased yield due to proven automation equipment by Jonas & Redmann


With more than 1,500 systems installed world-wide, Jonas & Redmann is one of the most experienced firms when it comes to automation in the PV sector. Our WHD and WHP systems broke new ground for the industrial production of solar cells.

In 2000 Jonas & Redmann was the first company in the world to automate the diffusion and anti-reflective coating steps in the industrial production of solar cells. Since that time we’ve made a significant contribution toward lowering the per-watt costs of photovoltaic systems, by continuing to develop technologies and through the optimal integration of our systems into the customer’s production lines.

Our highly precise systems, that handle wafers and cells very carefully, are designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of breakage rates, throughput and uptime. As a result we’re supporting our customers to optimize the total cost of ownership and to increase the yield, when it comes to silicon solar cell production. Our sales engineer team warmly invites you to discuss your potentials for yield improvement due to Jonas & Redmann’s pathbreaking product portfolio.