Jema awarded with a new battery energy storage system project in Tonga Islands


Tonga’s first large scale Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to be built at the Popua Power Station is expected to be operational in May 2020, contributing to Tonga’s 50% Renewable Energy target.

Like many island nations, Tonga is struggling to move away from the polluting diesel generators on which it has relied for so long.

The South Pacific island group is boosting renewable capacity by adding the BESS to its Popua Power Station. 5 MW battery with a storage capacity of 2.5 MWh. It will store renewable energy, meaning more wind and solar power can now be built across the island.

In this project Jema will contribute to the change supplying a total of 6 IBX3 bidirectional inverters integrated in containers.

The IBX inverters will comply with local regulation and Australian standard AS 4777.2. The IBX3 converter is a four quadrant system with Statcom mode capacity, working in grid forming or grid tied and a quick response of P and Q variation, and black start capability.

With this new reference Jema is confirming its expertise in island grid quality requirement and reinforces its position in the storage market.