KOPEL releases probing solution for M10 half cut cells


KOPEL has released the ultimate and innovative probing solution of FSS 4 for over the size of M10 half-cut cells, which will be a major stream in the coming future.

It can materialize the stable repeatability of IV characteristics irrespective of any kind of electrode pattern.

KOPEL has developed FSS 4 for both single and double-line cell setting for IV measurement in mass production lines. The FSS 4 for the double-line cell setting can improve the productivity of IV sorting by ONE TIME Probing and Flashing conducted simultaneously on the double half cut cells without deteriorating the original outstanding features of FSS 4.

In addition, KOPEL can provide the KOPEL-designed original frame and holder which can improve the maintainability by the drastic reduction of the number of wirings of the conventional frame to connect with IV tester.

What are the original outstanding features of FSS 4?

One simple expression of FSS 4 feature is that FSS 4 can take the same role of Busbar.

Therefore, you will be released from the limits of cell electrode design which you need to consider the optimized IV sorting for cells

6 features of FSS 4

1. Contact on All Finger Electrodes by Contacting Strips in Line with No Gap

2. Perfect 4 wire connection structure by the only 0.2mm gap contact between I and V

3. Total thickness of FSS 4 is only 1.2mm which can minimize the shadow effect.

4. Long lifetime (In-House Pro Long test) of mechanical durability over 10 million times. It will reduce the frequency of replacement compared to pin type probing.

5. FSS 4 is available for M2 to M12 cell size and even over size of M12 can be manufactured. No limitation against cell size.

6. Soft contact on electrodes by contacting strips of FSS 4. The loading is 1/6 compared to the conventional pin type. That will minimize the damage on low temperature curing electrodes of HJT technology requiring soft load.