Leclanché partners with Imeon Energy


Under the agreement, Leclanché will package Imeon Energy’s new generation hybrid solar inverters with its lithium-ion energy battery storage products. The solution, called PowerPack, will be applicable to properties with solar panels.

PowerPack is one of few solutions that are fully compliant with Switzerland’s ‘three phase’ home and small business energy management requirements. It is the first to be applicable for the canton of Vaud’s CHF100 million subsidy scheme for home and small business energy production and management. Leclanché has already received orders from customers within the subsidized scheme.

Anil Srivastava, Leclanché CEO, said: “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Imeon Energy, a world-class leader in solar inverter technology, and to provide the first home and small business energy systems for self-reliance that are fully compliant with Swiss regulations. Consumers will benefit from a future-proofed, highly efficient energy management system. We are very pleased to have received our first orders and excited about rolling-out our solution across Switzerland.”

Christophe Goasguen, CEO of Imeon Energy, said: “We are very pleased that Leclanché selected us as a partner for its home battery solutions. The company has been a world-leading innovator in energy storage for many years and we look forward to a successful partnership together.”

PowerPack’s unique three phase hybrid system increases generating efficiency by 30% and enables the provision of emergency power. The product includes remote monitoring and artificial intelligence that in the near future will enable the management of connected devices in the home or small business. The product is easy to install and use. Its national launch follows a trial in 10 pioneer houses in the canton of Jura.

Customers are able to use Leclanché’s online calculator to estimate the cost of installing the storage solution.

Leclanché will shortly announce an agreement with an installation service provider for the package.