LONGi chooses Melbourne Australia for premiere of the innovative Hi-MO X


12th August 2019 – LONGi – Launch of breakthrough shingled module technology, now being produced in volume manufacturing.

LONGi’s new Hi-MO X debuted in Melbourne, Australia on August 12, 2019, gaining the attention of Australia’s solar industry for its advanced features, high density power and sleek appearance.

Hi-MO X is a high-efficiency module using mono PERC technology and a shingled layout to achieve a leading front-side module conversion efficiency of 20%. Suitable for all roof-top installations it is available in 400W (72-cell) and 350W (60-cell) peak power variants.

An innovative design eliminates power losses caused by solder strip shading and a novel cell series-parallel circuit design significantly increases power generation performance in shaded conditions.

Additional benefits come from a low working current brought about by a cell string circuit design that reduces hot spots and effectively reduces hot spot temperatures.

Hi-MO X brings new technology to roof-top solar that generates more power, is safer and more reliable in a sleek appearance.

At the launch, CEC Product Specialist Mr. Sandy Pulsford presented the new solar module enhanced listings from the Clean Energy Council of Australia. Hi-MO X is one of the first modules to pre-qualify for the CEC’s new standards designed to encourage quality product choices made by distributors and installers in the Australian solar market. 

LONGi’s focus on quality and reliability led them to select only the best materials for the Hi MO X, including the highly reliable Tedlar backsheet material bu DuPont. This high quality material specification automatically pre-qualifies Hi-MO X in CEC’s stringent MAST certification. 

Associate Professor Alison Lennon from the University of New South Wales presented information about the collaboration between LONGi and UNSW, developing best in class solar technology. This technology is being developed to continuously improve module quality and energy yield.

At present, LONGi has 50 shingle patents granted and more than 72 pending. Hi-MO X is not only an exploration into the photovoltaic technology of the future, but also a breakthrough innovation of existing technology. The full square monocrystalline cells are shingled seamlessly, with clearly defined and smooth lines that give a sleek and elegant appearance.

At the launch LONGi welcomed three leading Australian distributors, BayWa Australia, SolarJuice and SolarGain, who were appointed as official distributors for Hi-MO X in Australia and have immediate access to the new product.

For more information about the HI-MO X, images from the launch, product specifications and requests for interview please contact:

Benjamin Wong

Global Brand Marketing Director