Mounting systems and digital services from K2 Systems


From now on, installers will receive digital support not only in the planning phase via the new K2 Base version, but also already in the learning and familiarisation phase with the new online training platform K2 Training and via the K2 DocuApp in the documentation phase. With two new locations in Australia and Slovenia at the beginning of the year, the installation of numerous megawatt projects with K2 solutions and the increased production capacity, the successful development of K2 Systems as a globally active and leading manufacturer of mounting systems is evident.

Several extensions turn the Dome 6 System into a flat roof all-rounder

Thanks to new components and further developments, the Dome 6 System, which is elevated as single- and double-sided, can now flexibly cover all common applications on flat roofs:

  • Installers can now purchase the system either pre-assembled with rail sets and fixed row spacings or as an unassembled long rail system. The latter is particularly suitable for large projects and in countries with low labour costs due to its high flexibility. In addition, the new variant only requires the familiar rail connector of the Dome Classic System – in line with the K2 modular principle. And the installer simply selects between the system variants with a click during planning in K2 Base.
  • For further flexibility during installation, in addition to the conventional corner clamping, the solar modules can also be securely fastened using the so-called quarter clamping. This option is also available for the planner in K2 Base and offers an ideal solution especially for projects with high wind and snow loads and for wider modules (up to 2390 x 1170 mm).
  • The modular design of the Dome 6 System also allows the combination of a double-sided elevated D-Dome 6 with a single-sided S-Dome 6 row termination, as well as the occupation of free areas in the case of obstructions, in order to make maximum use of the space capacities on the roof. The combination can already be installed and will soon be even easier to plan in K2 Base via a new feature.
  • For steeply pitched and existing but less load-bearing flat roofs, Dome FixPro offers the ideal fixed connection option. This standardised solution for roofs up to 10° can be taken into account directly in the design in K2 Base and the static calculation of the project. The placement of the connection points is calculated automatically and output in the assembly plan.
  • Meanwhile, the planner can also add the components for equipotential bonding to the article list in K2 Base with one click. In the direction of the rails, the new TerraGrif PL attached to the rail connector ensures appropriate equalisation for the Dome 6. Transverse to the rail direction, the specially designed windbreaker takes over this function for the S-Dome 6, and the TerraGrif K2MI is used on the module clamp for the D-Dome 6.

Exclusive premiere of the new Dome 6.0 and the MultiRail CSM

In keeping with the K2 modular principle, engineers at K2 Systems have developed a new but modular flat roof system based on the well-known Dome 6 System, which will be available at the end of the year and can be planned in K2 Base. As the name Dome 6.0 implies, the system has a zero degree installation angle. The system, which is set up in parallel, provides power distribution throughout the day, does not cause any shading on the roof and, due to its low installation height, offers an ideal solution for countries where maximum installation heights are prescribed.

Due to the rapid increase in demand for solutions for corrugated sheet metal roofing, the K2 engineers have also expanded the MultiRail System, which was originally only used on trapezoidal sheet metal, to include a second rail variant. The new MultiRail CSM (CSM = corrugated sheet metal) for radii of 22-45 mm is easy and quick to install, as it is rail and fastener in one component. The new component also fits into the K2 modular system and is compatible with the common universal module clamp OneMid/OneEnd.

Digital services save time, simplify planning, and reduce paperwork

With the digital components in the portfolio, installers are even better supported throughout the entire process. ‘Our goal is to offer holistic solutions. With the new K2 Training programme, we help PV beginners with varied learning paths during the learning and familiarisation phase. With the K2 CheckApp, we accelerate project entry in the bidding phase, with the online software K2 Base we simplify the planning phase and with the K2 DocuApp we shorten and simplify the documentation phase,’ Stefan Köhl, Head of Digital Solutions at K2 Systems, summarises the digital services.

At the start of the exhibition, the company will present a new version of the free planning software K2 Base. With the new 3.1 version, planners will soon have, among other things, a CAD export of project data in DWG or DXF format, automatic recognition of snow and wind loads and an improved article list with new features. Thanks to the quick undo and redo actions via the shortcuts Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + Y, editing is even more flexible and faster. In addition, the new automatic saving reduces the risk of data loss and improvements in the project workflow ensure an even faster and user-friendly design of the appropriate mounting system. The development team meets the international company growth with new integrated national annexes, such as those of Finland, Romania, India, or Australia, as well as with 10 additional system languages, such as Slovenian, Finnish, Greek or Turkish.

‘Installers save around 30 % of the working time when creating project documentation with our K2 DocuApp, which was released in June,’ Stefan Köhl continues. The app, which is available in the Google Play and iOS app stores, enables fast, digital, and manufacturer-independent documentation of PV systems. All relevant data and documents from the module, storage, inverter, and mounting system manufacturers can be created, managed, and shared among each other, for example between the project planners and the fitters on site, while on the move, at the construction site or from the office. Via the customer's digital signature directly on the smartphone or tablet, the project is bindingly completed at the end. This results in significantly less administrative work overall and all parties involved have a structured overview of all documents. If the installer also uses a K2 mounting system for the project, then all planning data and reports from K2 Base and of the products are automatically available in the app with one click.

The start of the exhibition on October 6 also sees the launch of the free, interactive K2 Training platform. It conveys fundamental know-how about consulting, planning and installation of K2 mounting systems in a well-founded and playful way with compact learning videos that build on each other. Each learning module concludes with a quiz in which the installer can test his knowledge and subsequently receive his personal certificate. The certificate is a seal of the installers' expertise and quality promise to their customers. The platform enables newcomers and career changers in particular to plan even more efficiently. In the “Tiled Roof” learning path, PV beginners learn not only the basics of quick and simple planning, but also, for example, the special features of projects with high snow and wind loads or how challenges in the supporting structure can be mastered.

K2 Systems continues to expand and extend its market leadership

With the successful rebranding of the American and Mexican subsidiaries, K2 Systems has been operating globally under a single brand since the beginning of the year and is serving further important markets with the two newly founded locations in Australia and Slovenia this summer. Together with a worldwide distribution network of over 120 electrical and solar wholesale partners, the company continues to expand its global presence and is constantly developing new fastening solutions.

The combination of many years of expertise and local know-how makes new impulses possible, such as the new MultiRail variant for corrugated metal roofs in Australia and New Zealand. As the first mounting system manufacturer ever, K2 has also been offering French installers the Assurance Décennale as insurance in addition to the classic ETN product certifications since March.

The company's growth and the global breakthrough of renewables are also accompanied by a tripling of capacity this year. ‘In close coordination with our existing and new suppliers, we have put our production on a much broader footing. Despite the worldwide raw material and production restrictions due to the pandemic, we managed, for example, to deliver 300 % more of our highly demanded CrossHook 3S/4S roof hook by the end of last month than we did in March this year,’ says Managing Director Katharina David, describing the current situation. Not only in the residential sector, but also in commercial projects, people rely on the easy-to-assemble fastening systems from K2 Systems. For example, the two largest plants in Serbia with 826,000 kWp are equipped with the MultiRail System and a 12.7 MWp plant in northern Italy recently went on the grid as one of the largest rooftop plants in Europe with the flat roof system D-Dome 6.