Mounting Systems increases productivity at German headquarters site

Based in Rangsdorf, near Berlin in Germany, the Mounting Systems GmbH, the international developer and manufacturer of solar fastening systems, has enhanced productivity at its headquarters site with an additional facility for the production of frames for solar modules. Besides fastening systems, the company fabricates solid aluminium frames for modules. Until now, the frames have been produced on nine universal machines that are also used for manufacturing mounting systems. Thereby, the production capacity for fastening systems was restricted.

The mounting system experts can now produce module frames on specially designed machines. The additional facilities will allow the company to increase both its productivity and efficiency as well as its quality and process reliability, thus helping to further reduce costs in the photovoltaic industry.??"The increased productivity is not only a logical response to our extensive international distribution activities, for example in the Middle East, India or Europe. Most importantly however, it will also enable us to achieve a lasting reduction in our production costs. Both are essential in the current market environment if we want to expand our position on the international market in the long term," says Stefan Spork, Managing Director of Mounting Systems.

The improvement in efficiency and reduction in costs is due to both the machines themselves and the production process. Instead of universal machines, specially designed automatic machines are used to manufacture the frames. The Mounting Systems experts have also switched the process from milling to punching and have separated the production of frame parts of different lengths. This provides many advantages: The frames can be fabricated more quickly. Reduced use of moving parts and sensors and a lower number of machines reduces complexity, which cuts the cost of servicing and maintenance. Furthermore, the system now also offers the possibility to perform a fully integrated inspection of the frame parts. An installed camera system controls the process, which will stop at the first faulty part. For customers, this means that the new production facility ensures optimum quality "Made in Germany" frames, while unit costs are reduced.

The new facility also scores points for energy efficiency and protection of the environment. It requires two-thirds less energy to operate. The fully encapsulated machine protects against a high noise level. The new logistics concept also reduces the distances between incoming and outgoing goods, storage and production.

Employees in Rangsdorf manufacture components for photovoltaic and solar thermal plants at a site, covering a total area of 10,000 square metres.